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A Li Al Ayash ✪

Manager CS 1.6

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443 Bronze III

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  1. Yes I know you do take hard decisions But the destroy command destroys his game its like virus to his game changing all his files in the game and he got ban also ... The problem is here you both are old and loyals & You both takes decisions trying to do whats best Please forgive him smile Nirvana, next time please fix your behavior with smile cause he is older grade than you , you must respect everyone not just because of his grade but the respect is good for the person Anyway i will solve this by closing the topic you should both continue on the server forget what happened we need you both. And again sorry smile didn’t see your grade. Have a nice day T/C
  2. Wait what I've just checked your grade. you are owner here. My bad im sorry Anyway but still you cant give him destroy man for real , the destroy command is created only for the cheaters/hackers.. He still admin here part of the staff, he is also here since long time, and ive known him You could punish him like by removing the grade or suspended with the reason&proof
  3. Hello, @PranKk. I will take this. First of All, smile you cant give destroy to another Admin. There is something here called Report Section. You can report him here or you can contact a founder via pm , or you can make a post in Admin only for the report. Second, Read this Rule below Admins are not allowed to give instruction to another admins, at breaking rules you can report him. All you have to do is just take screenshots, and post in report sections. ------------------------------------------------ Nirvana, Where is the proof of all the players spamming wants to change the map? Give me Screenshots/Proofs
  4. Then it’s not gonna work.. Because the natives in zp 6.2 is private Try to contact @Mr.Love
  5. What’s your ZP Version?
  6. Simple you just need to compile it.. Here is The AMXX File
  7. Hey, To be accepted you have to provide the link of your hours that you play on the server plus u have to write your name You cant get admin with several names.
  8. A Li Al Ayash ✪


    This is still same dead link please update it to working
  9. A Li Al Ayash ✪


    Please Update Your Download LINK Its not working, dont post dead links
  10. Hello, Ciprian. You've got to back to the server. we missed you too!
  11. If you are an old Admin here, then WELCOME BACK. PRO.
  12. Next Time make activity on the server atleast 40h+. If you are an old Admin here and want to get back your Admin Contact me via PM T/C.
  13. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  14. We can give him a chance for me PRO

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