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  1. The German brand will put on sale next year this new 100% electric model, fourth of the e-tron family, with a more compact size and a more sporty style. It stands out for its coupé-type rear. The roadmap in the electrification of the Audi range promises that, by 2025, the German brand will have 20 fully battery-powered models. And that 40% of what it sells at that time, will be cars with some type of electric help. Along that path, silhouettes as suggestive as the precious e-tron GT, a kind of twin brother of the Porsche Taycan, and even some of the Avant type (the familiar bodies in the brand) are promised. However, the journey (based on the VW Group's MEB platform) started in 2018 and it did it, it could not be otherwise, with an SUV model: the e-tron. Then, on this version a decline was launched with the coupé-type rear that, as is the norm in the house, adopts the name Sportback and sports a more dynamic and sporty image. The third milestone took place at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, when the concept of the Q4 e-tron, a smaller model and somewhat more accessible, was unveiled. Therefore, with greater commercial punch. Following this logic, the next step could not be other than the Q4 e-tron Sportback, also presented as a prototype that will be very far from the model that finally reaches dealerships. Something that is planned for the first half of next year. MORE ATTRACTIVE DESIGN Finding the differences between one and the other is not a matter of the meter. The new model is just a centimeter longer (measures 4.60 meters) and lower (1.60 meters) than the conventional Q4, while tracing both the width (1.90 meters) and the wheelbase (2.77 meters). ). However, it seems longer due to the fluidity that gives it a very stretched rear, where the spoiler stands out that 'breaks' the rear window in two and the band that connects the optics and is much thinner. To look for a comparison within the German brand itself, by proportions it would be the equivalent of an Audi Q5. For tastes the colors, but it is a much better resolved behind than in its 'brother', with which it shares the widened and very marked wheel arches, a stylistic nod to the famous B Groups of the World Rally Championship of the early 80s. And in the lower part, although the design of the rear diffusers is different, the e-tron logo that identifies the electric drive is repeated. The same occurs in the front, where the closed grill also alerts us to the technology behind the engine compartment. INTERIOR AMPLITUDE AND INCREASED REALITY The tires are huge, at 22 inches. Years ago only saloon cars allowed them, far from reality. Then they started to become po[CENSORED]r, especially in the US, when it came to customizing strong> SUVs and SUVs. Today they are already part of the equipment available in the etron that are for sale. The great wheelbase, that the batteries are placed on the ground and that there is no transmission tunnel, allows you to enjoy a very wide cabin, especially for the legs of the occupants (the rear, only two in the prototype). Compared to the already known e-trons, the Q4 is new the digital instrument cluster that will debut augmented reality functions to show, for example, direction signs on the road. A second 12.3-inch multifunction screen is added on the console, but it loses the third that many other models of the German brand carry and that, for example, recognizes written orders. As there is no traditional gear lever and the handbrake is electric, this space is used for different storage spaces, to which are added the ones in the doors to leave bottles. UP TO 500 KILOMETERS OF REACH The heart of the Q4 e-tron Sportback is made up of two electric motors, one on each axle, with a combined power of about 310 hp, whose power is distributed only to the rear axle (to gain efficiency) or to both, depending on the needs of grip and even predictively if we get too fast into a corner, so the car has all-wheel drive for these purposes. To supply them with energy, the battery occupies almost the entire floor of the vehicle. It has a capacity of 82 kWh, which means an autonomy of more than 450 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle and, according to the brand, "sets a new benchmark in the segment." In addition, Audi points out that there will also be rear-wheel drive only versions that will exceed 500 kilometers. In both versions, the excellent CX aerodynamic coefficient of only 0.26 is decisive: and the effective energy recovery system. The battery supports a charging power of up to 125 Kw, which allows using a pole with this capacity to fill 80% in just 30 minutes. They are not light batteries, since they add 510 kilos of weight to the set, which will easily exceed two tons. But its placement makes the center of gravity comparable to that of a lower saloon. And the all-wheel drive helps, plus the instantaneous torque of the electric motors (310 Nm and 150 Nm, respectively) make the Q4 e-tron accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, in either of its two bodies, in just 6 , 3 seconds. For reasons of efficiency, the maximum speed is limited to 180 km / h.
  2. The former Barça youth squad bit Lecce's Donati in the arm last Tuesday's match day 31 of Serie A The Spanish defense of Lazio, Patricio Gabarrón Gil, known as 'Patric', has been sanctioned with four matches and received a fine of 10,000 euros after biting an opponent during the match that faced the Roman team and Lecce on Tuesday, belonging to day 31 of Serie A. Patric, 27, bit local defender Giulio Donati and VAR stepped in to play to alert the referee of the incident. The Mula defender (Murcia) saw the red card and this Wednesday he was sanctioned by the Competition Committee. Donati, despite the bite, said after the game that he understood the behavior of Patric -Crano of Barcelona-, the result of despair when they lost 2-1. Lazio is second in the standings and on Tuesday they again missed the opportunity to cut their seven-point distance with Juventus Turin. "He apologized immediately, but of course he had to be punished with a red card, although I had no physical damage," Donati said at the end of the meeting.
  3. "It seems to me that it is quite chaos," says the musician about Trump, highlighting the moment in which the president had to take refuge in a White House bunker due to protests against racism in Washington. The controversial rapper Kanye West, who recently announced his candidacy for the US presidency, revealed that he no longer supports the current president of the country, Donald Trump, whom he had fervently defended, and who had a coronavirus last February. In a lengthy interview with Forbes magazine, he also explained his belief that the US family planning system is the work of white supremacists. "I'm talking to experts, I'm going to talk to Jared Kushner - Donald Trump's son-in-law -, to the White House, to (Joe) Biden," West says about his candidacy for the Presidency, of which he has convinced despite not counting. with no type of structure to develop an electoral campaign. His advisers, he says, are two people who have already supported this ambition in the past: his wife, socialite Kim Kardashian, and controversial Tesla businessman Elon Musk, with whom he says he has been discussing his candidacy "for years". The slogan for his campaign will be "YES!" And he has chosen Michelle Tidball, a controversial preacher from Wyoming, the same state where West has established a huge ranch from time to time, as a vice presidential candidate. The particular name of her political formation, "Birthday Party" (The Birthday Party), she chose because: "when we win, it will be everyone's birthday," she added. "God gave me clarity and told me that it is time," she says of her decision to appear in 2020, and not in 2024, as she had initially said. And to those who question his mental health, after having suffered a "psychiatric emergency" in 2016, he points out: "I was out there, I ended up in the hospital, and people are calling me crazy, but I'm not crazy." The interview also reveals that it seems that West, who in the past had been in favor of Trump and with whom he came to meet in the Oval Office, has passed the fever for the President. "It seems to me that it is quite chaos," says the musician about Trump, highlighting the moment in which the president had to take refuge in a bunker in the White House due to protests against racism in Washington. On what he would do with the most powerful position in the world, he said: "When he is president, let's have fun too. Let's get through all the racism talks, empower people with 40 acres and a mule, let's give land, that's the plan." In addition, he positions himself against abortion because he is "following what the Bible dictates", he confesses that he has not developed a foreign policy plan yet because he is "focused on protecting the United States first" and says he wants to end police brutality, but he points out that "the police are also people". But perhaps one of his most bizarre statements in the interview is that he plans to base the management of the United States on the structure of Wakanda, a fictional country located in sub-Saharan Africa that appears in the Marvel comics and that they present as the most developed and more technologically advanced. "I am going to use the Wakanda structure because it is the best explanation of what our design team is going to do at the White House ... (...) The amount of innovation that can happen, the amount of innovation in medicine. .. Let's work, innovate, together, "he says. The rapper also details in the interview that he suffered a coronavirus last February, and explains his symptoms: "Chills, shivering in bed, taking hot showers, watching videos of what he was supposed to do to overcome it."
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  5. Rejected You need to have a better activity. Do an activity of 2 hours minimum a day (no afk) and try again in 7 days. [EN] Necesitas tener una mejor actividad. Haz una actividad de 2 horas minimo al dia (no afk) y vuelve a intentarlo en 7 dias. `[ES] T/C
  6. For example, the fund for aid to passenger cars will be 200 million, 80% of the total. And the 'plug-in' hybrids match their maximum support to that of the Moves II: 2,600 euros. The Government has published today in the BOE the final details of the Renove 2020 Plan approved last Friday and that will subsidize the purchase of a new car with any technology as long as we deliver in exchange for one with at least 10 years old. There are few changes from what had already been announced, but there are. Here we summarize how the program looks. WHAT TYPES OF AID ARE THERE? Direct aids are granted, in the case of a private individual or a self-employed person, as well as related to leasing or renting operations, which will be requested by the companies. However, in the latter case, even if the company receives the subsidy, the lessee (who will use it) will have to be discounted in the operation. Aid applicants must be aware of their debts with the Administration. In addition, the beneficiary must maintain ownership of the vehicle and its registration in Spain for at least two years from the time the grant is awarded. Individuals may only purchase a car under this plan. Legal, up to 30. WHAT VEHICLES CAN BE BENEFITED? The cars that are acquired within this plan (and that can be up to nine seats) must emit a maximum of 120 grams of CO2 and have IDAE labels A or B (you can check them here); and C, ECO or ZERO of the DGT. It can be new or self-registered by the dealer this year and will not cost more than 35,000 euros (45,000 if it is Zero emissions or the beneficiary is a person with reduced mobility) before taxes. All technologies are considered: pure electric and with extended autonomy thanks to a combustion generator, hybrids of all kinds, hydrogen, combustion, LPG and natural gas. In exchange, the car to be scrapped must be over 10 years old (seven in the case of vans), the ITV in force and have been owned by the beneficiary, or by a first-degree relative, for at least one year. Buyers of motorcycles - combustion or electric motorcycles with more than 70 km of autonomy - vans (with an emission limit of 155 grams of CO2 per kilometer), trucks and buses can also benefit from the subsidies. WHAT IS THE AMOUNT OF THE PREMIUMS? In the case of passenger cars, in the following table you will find the help that corresponds to each vehicle based on its labeling. Initially it was said that plug-in hybrids with Zero label (with an electric autonomy equal to or greater than 40 km) would have 4,000 euros, but in the final wording it has been specified that it will be the same maximum aid as in the Moves II delivering a vehicle to scrap. Although in this second plan, the age of the car is seven years (for more than 10 in Renove 2020). An equivalent discount of the brand must be added to the amounts in the table, except in the zero emission models, where that contribution will be 1,000 euros. In addition, another 500 euros are added in the following three cases: if the old car is over 20 years old, the buyer is a person with reduced mobility or the monthly household income is less than 1,500 euros. That is, adding everything (state part and brands) and considering all the possibilities, the discount from which the private or autonomous buyer may benefit in the case of tourism will range between 800 and 5,500 euros. UNTIL WHEN CAN AID BE REQUESTED? All operations that meet the established requirements and that have been carried out from June 15 until the end of the plan, which will take place on or before December 31 of this year, if the funds are exhausted, can join the program. The requests will be dealt with in strict order of entry into the telematic management system, the opening of which will be communicated in a few days. WHERE SHOULD THEY BE REQUESTED? The dealer who sells the car will be in charge of processing the request for help and all the documentation to be provided by the car buyer. ARE THEY COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER PLANS? Not in the case of the Moves II, for electrified vehicles and which has also been launched by the Government, although the management of the aid is carried out by the CCAA. Neither can they be added to subsidies given by other administrations other than the central one, if those aids are nourished by funds from the State. Likewise, the part of the state aid will have to be declared next year in the income statement. This will mean, for example, that a buyer with an annual income of 20,000 euros who benefits from a premium of 4,000 euros, will have to pay an extra 1,031 euros in taxes. WHAT ARE THE FUNDS AVAILABLE? The Ministry of Industry and Tourism will finance, through a loan, the 250 million euros of the plan. Of this amount, 200 million (80%) will be used to subsidize the purchase of passenger cars. Another 25 million euros will go to vans and trucks of up to 3.5 tons and five million to motorcycles. The remaining 20 million will go to the largest and heaviest vans, trucks and buses.
  7. Atlético will not be able to count on Joao Félix in Vigo, due to injury: "Very few stars are absolute at only 20 years old" Atlético's direct classification to the Champions League is getting closer. The defeat of Villarreal and the sprint of his team in the League have allowed the rojiblancos to have a goal that seemed complicated before the break. Simeone also spoke about the possible controversy with the penalties that point him to Real Madrid and the controversies with the VAR. His reflection was simple: "They charge him more penalties because he attacks more." "I have no doubt that the VAR is fairer with everyone. Obviously if they charge you a lot of penalties it is because you are much longer in the rival area, as they have been talking about Madrid lately. It is clear that Madrid is charged more penalties because It attacks more. The VAR is still a situation to adjust, but it exposes absolutely everything, "Simeone said in the videoconference before the media. "The VAR is seen by another referee with the tranquility that a television allows him, people watch him at home, when we finish a game we review it and see the images. Of course, impossible. There is always a person who ends up deciding. We are going to be harmed and benefited, but now it is even clearer when it is offside, if there is a penalty or not in a play ... We see it. We are all more exposed, "he continued. Simeone spoke about Atlético's calendar and recalled that they have played the most every three days. "We had to adapt to what was already the circumstances before us. From now on, the rotations will be less because the stability of the players is already normal, even though we have five changes," he said before visiting this Tuesday. Celta. "VERY FEW STARS ARE ABSOLUTE WITH 20 YEARS OLD" Joao Félix will miss the Celta match due to a bone edema in his ankle, although his coach does not hesitate to close ranks on him, despite his discreet match against Mallorca. "We are going to give him time because it is clear that he has quality and talent. He does not have to leave the group, he must be involved, have patience, all that at times it costs him. That will give him maturation, balance, team confidence and Make yourself available to learn and improve, because that's what this game is about. Very few are absolute stars with 20 years. It only takes time, "he admitted. In addition, Simeone made a curious reflection on his team's problems with penalties. "Atlético is one of the teams that has missed the most penalties in history. We will try to continue improving something that is very important and increasingly difficult because goalkeepers are better and there is more preparation. It is something that has happened for many years in the Atlético. We hope to continue improving ", he wished. Finally, he referred nostalgically to Vicente Calderón, who has already been completely demolished after several months of work. "The Calderón was our home and will always remain so in memory. We lived through spectacular moments there. I remember the goal against Albacete to emerge as champions. I will always remember the joy of people and colleagues on an extraordinary sunny day in a May 25. All that will remain in the story that I had to live, "he recalled.
  8. Those responsible for the case have already intervened the vehicle involved and are investigating whether its owner, who had recently bought it, was the one driving it An image of Mario Zumaquero The Civil Guard tries to identify the driver who fled after early on this Sunday he fatally ran over a cyclist on the A-7 as he passed through Estepona. Agents have already located and intervened the vehicle, which came to circulate for two kilometers with the bicycle embedded in the windshield, according to EL MUNDO from sources close to the case. Emergencies 112 reported this Sunday that the incident occurred at 6:50 am at kilometer 167 of the aforementioned highway and that other drivers were the ones who gave the warning. When they arrived at the scene, the medical services could only confirm the death of the cyclist, identified as Mario Zumaquero, 44, a well-liked athlete in the area. The Armed Institute took over an investigation that late on Sunday paid off with the identification and location of the car allegedly involved in the hit. Agents first reached the person in whose name the vehicle was, which he had recently sold to a girl, as he was able to prove. Subsequent investigations revealed the location of this person and questioned him about what happened. The woman is currently being investigated, officially there is no record that she is detained, since those responsible for the case must determine if she was behind the wheel. From the result of these inquiries will derive the charges that he may have allegedly incurred. However, the investigation remains open and the involvement of other people is not ruled out. The rolled bicycle was found two kilometers from the impact site. The hypothesis is that the person behind the wheel drove that distance with it embedded in the windshield. Then "she stopped, got out, and threw it away." Throughout Sunday there were many reactions after the death of Zumaquero. José Antonio Gómez, the mayor of Ojén, from whom the deceased seemed to have been born, took advantage of his social networks to affirm: "Today is a sad day for Ojén and for sport. They have run over our friend Mario Zumaquero and have given the flight. Mario has passed away. I hope they find the culprits. MARIO DEP My condolences to the family. " The Infinity Club of Marbella requested citizen collaboration in case anyone can contribute to the investigation of the accident by providing any information, please contact the traffic unit of the Civil Guard of Marbella. "Subsequently, he offered his condolences to family, friends and sport mates, that was his passion. " The fact that the collision occurred on a section of highway where cyclists cannot circulate has generated some controversy in the forums. Faced with this circumstance, the sources of the investigation consulted by this newspaper have recalled "traveling with a bicycle on a prohibited route is an administrative offense; hitting someone and running away is a crime." In the operation of the accident, members of the Civil Traffic Guard, the Public Health Emergencies Company (EPES), the Local Police and the company responsible for road maintenance participated.
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  10. This is me playing and i hope you enjoy the video ^^
  11. Because they were born at the wrong time and were overshadowed by others with a bigger budget or more pull; because they are a few years old and the apps on the platforms no longer display them on your main screen; because they do not have a powerful enough name or an image that remains engraved in your memory. These or other reasons mean that on the different streaming platforms there are authentic wells of darkness where, nevertheless, gleaming jewels are hidden ... if you can find them. The Yo Dona newsroom chooses seven of those treasures that will give you great moments. UNORTHODOX (NETFLIX) Marta Michel "My great discovery these days, a 'gem' in the judgment of those who have already seen it. I confirm it. It is based on the autobiographical book by Deborah Feldman and tells the story of Esther Shapiro, a Jewish girl from the ultra-Orthodox community Satmar de Williamsburg (Brooklyn) who abandons her husband and family and escapes to Berlin to have a life of her own. It is a different story, with religion marking everyone's life, Yiddish as the only language allowed and ancestral customs in the middle of the noisy New York, but which really addresses a universal aspiration: craving for independence and freedom. TRAILER PARK BOYS (NETFLIX) Carla Pina "A Canadian series shot as a false documentary that tells the life of Ricky and Julian, two repeat criminals who dream of succeeding in the business world ... Of any business. In the series there is no lack of jokes or acid humor" . CARONTE (AMAZON PRIME VIDEO) Cristina Aldaz "She is Spanish and is starred by an ex-police officer who, while spending a few years in prison for a crime he did not commit, becomes a criminal lawyer to help people who have had the same thing happen to him. His re-entry into society and in his family, it is also quite complicated -mother with Alzheimer's, a rebellious teenage son, a girlfriend who doesn't quite fit in ...- It has topics, but it is entertaining and it is very easy to see " BABYLON BERLIN (MOVISTAR +) Marta Sotillo "Spy and police stories of interwar Berlin. It takes place in the late 1920s, before the crash of the stock market of 1929. It tells the life of the Berlin criminal police department Mitte. The protagonist is a commissioner with psychological problems and Hidden past stories, darn him, who gets into all kinds of aubergines: Russian spies, internal politicking by the police and the Weimar Republic, psychiatric experiments ... And he has a partner who is wonderful, Lotte, of very humble origin, who wants to be a detective at all costs. The best: the sordid cabaret atmosphere of Berlin 'la nuit'. And that everyone dances, even the most stiff cop. There are three seasons. " THE SPANISH PRINCESS (HBO) Teresa Iturralde "It narrates the arrival of Catalina de Aragón to England to marry the son of Enrique VIII, who dies. She is historical, has love and is entertaining. In addition, it is worth seeing the model and actress Alba Galocha who plays the role of Juana The crazy woman". BROADCHURCH (NETFLIX) Rachel Valdeolivas "An 11-year-old boy dies under suspicious circumstances in a southern British town. Alec Hardy (David Tennant), an inspector, recently stationed there, with severe trauma from the past, and Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman), a sergeant, and friend from the boy's family, they are in charge of investigating it. This is a police thriller that runs away from the clichés and keeps you glued to the screen trying to guess who is guilty. Attention to the impressive landscapes of the Jurassic coast, it deserves the worth recreating in them " THE SINNER (NETFLIX) Silvia Nieto "An exciting police 'thriller', or rather, two, because there are two seasons and each one is an independent story except for the investigator who handles both cases, played by an extraordinary Bill Pullman. In the first installment, eight chapters, an absolutely conventional woman, Cora (Jessica Biel) stabs a man surprisingly on the beach of a lake, in broad daylight and in full view of the whole world. Marathon series, because neither intrigue nor tension diminishes at any time . It is so good that I am writing about it right now and I am getting a crazy desire to see it again ... Are you signed up? "
  12. It is the first member of the new family of battery-powered cars of the German brand. We drive the intermediate version, with 204 hp and 420 km of autonomy. Launched in 1974, the first Volkswagen Golf brought about a radical change in the European automobile industry by demonstrating its ability to transport a family of four with some luggage at an affordable price for the middle-class citizen. Values that have been maintained over more than four decades and eight generations that have always been adding a little more to a successful formula that has led it to be the best-selling car in the Old Continent and the benchmark among models compact. But times change and Volkswagen (like other manufacturers) has had to find a way to reinvent itself, driven above all by new environmental demands. Standards that, all things being said, have been just as reinforced by climatic demands as by errors in the automobile industry itself. Thus, the evolution in the German brand stops by converting its gasoline and diesel models into electric vehicles (and some hybrids) so that in 2025 between 15 and 20% of its production will be cars without emissions. The role is in charge of the ID sub-brand, whose models are based on a common platform (MEB) that is at the base of the first member of the family: the ID.3, presented at the Frankfurt show last September, six months ahead of what was expected to be its commercial launch. Here you can see more images of the car. MINIMUM CHANGES REGARDING THE PROTOTYPE Almost everything has remained from the 2016 prototype (except for the electric door handles and exterior rear-view mirrors with cameras, due to costs) in this first electric "for millions and not for millionaires" (the annual production target is 100,000 units in 2021 and 1 million in 2025), as defined by VW. The first thing that catches the attention of the ID.3 is that, unlike Hyundai / Kia, Audi, Jaguar or Mercedes, VW did not opt for an SUV / crossover format (which will come later, with the ID.4) but for a hatchback silhouette that aims to make this model profitable from its first day of life, which is somewhat ambitious because the technology is still expensive and so is the price of the car (in Germany it starts at just under 30,000 euros, without state aid, for the entry version, with the smallest battery (45 kWh) and least autonomy (up to 330 km). The second battery / power level is the unit of this test (with 58 kWh, autonomy of up to 420 km and power of 204 hp) and which equips the entire first edition of the launch series of 30,000 units, while the more Able uses a larger battery, 77 kWh, with a range of up to 550 km (this version can only receive four occupants, not five). A REALLY NEW PROJECT "Price is decisive in this segment," says Frank Welsch, director of VW's electric car division, whom I met at General Motors as head of the Chevrolet Volt / Opel Ampera project and whose intellectual brilliance was evident (the technical principle of the car was very good, but it did not result from execution errors). Welsch also explains some of the peculiarities of the first element of the new ID family: "VW has not developed a car as profoundly new as this in a long time: the only common parts with another car of ours are the door handles and the battery of 12 volts. " It is interesting to note that, compared to the BMW i3 (26 cm shorter, built in carbon fiber and aluminum, with a smaller battery that makes it weigh 400 kg less), this ID.3 (weighing 1.72 tons in its lightest version) has a completely opposite philosophy: "Our car is made of 99% steel and we mainly use aluminum and other more rigid materials in collision structures. This is because the weight issue is not so central because we have achieved very good results in energy recovery, in addition to using larger and more powerful batteries. " RETURN THE ENGINE TO THE REAR It is impossible not to think that this is the first VW, from the original Beetle and 'Bulli' van, which has the engine mounted on the rear, and this common feature is visible, as there is no radiator grille and the design of the ID.3's 'face' is influenced by this technical configuration. Other of the most striking elements in the design are the differential color roof (the largest panoramic roof installed in any VW today), the line of continuity in the transition from hood to windshield (huge, which also contributes to the bright interior) and also the black plastic boot lid. At the wheel, it is clear that everything is controlled through the central entertainment and information screen, except for a few that are mounted on the multifunction steering wheel (cruise control, audio, display modes), the door panel ( windows and mirrors) and the left side of the digital instrumentation (headlights). And it is possible to 'talk' to ID.3 by saying the phrase "hello ID", which gives rise to your answers and makes you comply with the instructions given ... even if some of these answers may come in droppers due to software issues that German engineers have been faced with and which have led to the delay of the car launch that these features will be installed in cars sold through the German brand dealer network). QUESTIONABLE QUALITY, LARGE SPACE The concept of the operating system frees up a lot of space, noting a close proximity to the configuration that BMW gave the driving position when it created the i3 (seven years ago ...). That is, there is a simple, small dashboard and shift control (single speed) to the right of the instrumentation. Two criticisms: the quality of coatings is inferior to that applied by VW in a Polo and the instrumentation seems too small. One of the really positive aspects of this interior has to do with the generous space, which results from a double factor: on the one hand, the wheelbase is 13 cm longer than on a Golf and, on the other hand, since it does not exist engine in front, it was possible to mount the dashboard later, creating several additional centimeters for the legs of the occupants. In fact, VW is talking about an interior for five adults almost as wide as that of a Passat, somewhat impressive because the ID.3 is half a meter shorter (but that's a credible claim given that its battle is only 2 cm shorter) . And the rear passengers (who can be 1.85m tall and not ruin the hairstyle against the roof) even travel much more comfortably given the flatness of the floor, unlike what happens in the Passat, where the central tunnel affects Great freedom of movement in the second row of seats. The boot is marginally larger than that of the Golf (385 liters, that is, 5 liters more) and has very geometric and usable shapes, which can extend up to 980 liters if the rear seat backrests fold down. AUTONOMY: BETWEEN 300 AND 420 KILOMETERS We have already seen that there are versions with batteries of different sizes, with different performance engines, but here we will focus on the intermediate ID.3 (58 kWh battery), with autonomy of 300 to 420 km (being the first most realistic figure for those who do a lot of freeways and expressways a day) and 204 CV / 310 Nm. The permanent magnet motor installed with the transmission on the rear axle offers maximum 'hitting' performance, making ID.3 the king of traffic lights: if the driver wishes, it can be 'shot' from 0 to 60 km / h in just 3.4 s (0 to 100 km / h over 7.5 s). The center of gravity is low, courtesy of the heavy batteries mounted between the two axles, and the general behavior comes out winning: balanced (between stability and comfort) and without excessive transverse movements of the body, all without waiting (at least in this version without sports aspirations, as evidenced by its maximum speed of 160 km / h) that someone feels the need to press the Sport button (below the navigation screen), which also makes the steering heavier. There are two recovery modes: a free one, in which the car slows down much like a gasoline-powered car when we release the right pedal. And a second stronger program, so that, with a certain habit, it is possible to drive by pressing the accelerator. Also useful for urban driving is the fact that the turning diameter is only 10.2 meters (more normal in a lower segment car), all due to the lack of a motor that limits the turning of the wheels on the axle. Forward. PRICES: FROM JULY 20 This version with a 58 kWh battery can be charged up to 11 kW (alternating current) or a maximum of 100 kW (direct current), which means approximately 5 hours up to 80% of the total charge in the first case and ... 290 km of autonomy in just half an hour in the second. In this regard, VW wants to offer 2,000 kW of charges for users who purchase an ID.3 (i.e. approximately one year of free electricity), but that the charges will have to be made on chargers from the Ionity network (400 planned in Europe until end of 2020 ... but only four, until today, in Spain) or Wecharge (which do not exist around here either). It is an important argument, especially since it is known that for the purchase of an electric car to be economically interesting, its lower operating costs must pay off the much higher price at the time of purchase of the vehicle. And if 'gasoline' is free ... As an alternative, VW Spain is studying the possibility of offering the wall charger, but the matter is not closed at the moment. Speaking of prices (to be announced for Spain on July 20), this first series ID.3 1st (with intermediate battery / motor) will have an entry price of about 38,000 euros, already with a fairly complete level of equipment (system of navigation, dual-zone air conditioning, seat and steering wheel heating and 18 "wheels, as well as vocal controls and intelligent lighting (always standard). A second level (1st Plus) adds access to the rear camera and keyless start, tinted windows, additional USB inputs, 19 "wheels, LED rear lights ... for a price of about 44,000 euros. The most equipped, 1st Max It will have two additional speakers, panoramic roof, electrically adjustable seats, 20 "light alloy wheels and more advanced driving assistance systems, but with a price very close to 50,000 euros (estimated values from those announced for the market German).
  13. The Swedish extenista Robin Söderling, who became world number 4 and was the first to beat Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros, revealed on Sunday that he suffered panic and anxiety attacks in his best sports stage that caused his early retirement in 2015 to the 31 years. Söderling, who went on to search the internet for different ways to commit suicide, officially left the professional sport due to mononucleosis, but the former sportsman confessed to the public radio station "Radio of Sweden" that he had been suffering problems for years before being diagnosed with the disease. "I had constant anxiety, it gnawed at me inside. I sat in the apartment and stared blankly, the smallest noise made me panic. When a letter fell on the doormat, I panicked so much that it fell to the floor. the phone was shaking with fear, "he told the program" Verano en P1 ". In 2009, after playing the first of his two consecutive Roland Garros finals, he began to panic for the first time and, with the successes, increased pressure. "There were only three players I could lose with, the rest I had to beat them, if I didn't feel bad, failed, a loser," he admits. In July 2011, after beating David Ferrer in the final of the Swedish Open, his last professional game, he drove back to his home in Monte Carlo and began to fall into "a bottomless black abyss", a malaise that worsened a month later, before playing the US Open. "I panicked, I started crying. I was crying and crying. I went back to the hotel and threw myself on the bed, every time I thought about going on the track, I panicked. For the first time I felt that regardless of how much I wanted, I couldn't, not even if they put a gun to my temple, "he says. "I came to Google how to commit suicide," he says, although he believes that he really did not want to die, but "anything was better than this life in hell." The diagnosis of mononucleosis was what precipitated the withdrawal, which was not official until 2015, although it took even longer to recover psychically, reveals the current captain of the Swedish Davis Cup team. "We rarely talk about psychic problems in the world sports elite, that's why I wanted to tell about it. To those who dedicate themselves to sports and their parents, I tell them to train hard and take it easy. Play sports and dream, but if you succeed, keep perspective and find yourself a life, something I have not done until now, "he says.
  14. The prosecution has reported that Ahmed Bassam Zak, educated in the most elite universities and enrolled in the EU Business School in Barcelona, has been arrested in Egypt. For the past few days, his name has spread like wildfire on Egyptian social media. Some of their victims, more than a hundred, have related the nightmare of sexual harassment, extortion and even rape to which Ahmed Bassam Zaki, a young Egyptian who was currently studying in Barcelona, subjected them. The story of the "sexual predator" who for years at home has managed to break the silence surrounding the epidemic in Egypt and get him arrested while the investigation progresses. The Egyptian prosecution has reported in the last hours that Ahmed, educated in the most elite universities in the Arab country and currently enrolled in the EU Business School in Barcelona, has been arrested in Egypt after one of his victims filed a complaint alleging that in November 2016, the alleged attacker threatened her with the purpose of forcing her to have sexual relations. Judicial authorities have launched an investigation to shed light on his history of sexual violence. The persecution of Ahmed began this week from a complaint published two years ago on a Facebook group at the American University in Cairo, the exclusive institution where the young man studied between 2016 and 2018. The alleged victim accused Ahmed of harass her and detailed the details of a harassment that had gone unnoticed until a few days ago, when the sudden appearance of thousands of comments led the group administrator to eliminate the complaint. Then, the cascade of reactions started that for days has made the label "The rapist Ahmed Bassam Zaki" trending on Twitter. More than 150 women who suffered harassment have shared their experience on an Instagram account, @assaultpolice, which a few days after its creation already has 136,000 followers. "He convinced me to go to a meeting with his friends. (...) When I arrived he told me that the rest could not come," narrates one of his victims. "He started asking me to kiss him. I said no. I started crying but instead of seeing what was happening to me, he kissed me. We were alone in a housing development and I feared for my life. I didn't know what to do. He didn't stop. my pants. I said no. I couldn't believe what was happening, "says one of the published testimonies. "I do not remember how I could call a friend to ask him to pick me up. I do not remember how long I cried," adds the victim, who, after that dramatic encounter, also had to endure that during the following days Ahmed threatened to disclose an intimate video to force a new appointment. "It turned my life into hell," she recalls. Her detailed account coincides with the "modus operandi" to which her long string of victims, including minors, were subjected - in one of the testimonies, the girl was only 14 years old when the events occurred. On other occasions, Zaki was trying to share with the victims' families photographs or compromised messages, taking advantage of the rules of a conservative society and obsessed with preserving public modesty and virginity until marriage. "He was 19 years old and he was 20 when I naively fell in love with him. One day he took me to his house taking advantage of the fact that it was empty. When I realized that we were in his room, I asked him to let me go but he grabbed my hair and He threw it to the ground. When he got what he wanted, I saw blood on my clothes and panicked. He insulted me, I called my mother and I told him everything, "says the young woman. The family reaction was even more painful. "My mother took away my phone and laptop and forced me to delete all accounts on social networks. She forced me to leave the country. Now I am alone, without family. My friends do not speak to me because I ignored them. I see the Ahmed's face every time I look in the mirror, "he concludes. MORE THAN 150 COMPLAINTS A torrent of evidence of blackmail and harassment, from the threatening and humiliating audio messages she sent to the women who suffered their hunt to the crossings of messages on social networks, have been exposed by a campaign that continues to search for investigations. "To date we have collected more than 150 complaints of sexual harassment. Many of them include physical attacks, but we want to clarify that in order to prosecute him, the court needs the survivors to testify against this monster," they say from the Instagram account created so that Ahmed ended up rendering accounts. Since the institute, Ahmed has been leaving a trail of victims linked to his changes of educational center and his changes of country. The complaints also reach the city of Barcelona, where he had established months ago to study in the classrooms of the EU Business School. One of her colleagues has reported on social networks the assault she suffered in a downtown elevator. "She pushed me against the wall of the elevator. It was a long time before the doors opened. I suffered from depression and ended up leaving school," says the young woman. Other of her victims during her academic life in Spain remember the tone of her messages. "During a class, he wrote me a chain of messages. He told me that I looked like a porn actress and asked me about the size of my breasts ... I ignored him but kept writing to me. I told him I had a boyfriend and he asked me if I had had sex with him and that with him it would be better. " The Barcelona center has confirmed the suspension of Ahmed. "We have a zero tolerance policy towards this type of conduct that goes against our values," says the institution on its social networks. Revelations about Ahmed have refocused on the sexual harassment epidemic that has been sweeping the streets of the most populous country in the Arab world for years. Allegations of a silent reality that has begun to shake fear in 2014 managed to modify the Egyptian penal code to toughen penalties for abuse. However, fear of the reaction of the immediate environment still causes many victims to refrain from reporting it in the country's police stations. According to a UN Women study published in 2017, around 60% of Egyptians have experienced an episode of harassment. The relentless publication of complaints led the Egyptian National Council for Women, an Egyptian state body, to file a complaint with the attorney general's office fearing Ahmed might try to flee the country. "The council has followed the Instagram account that was launched by girls and women reporting that a man had raped, sexually harassed or harassed them, threatening to use photographs and video clips documenting their heinous crimes." Far from fighting it as a priority, the Egyptian regime has tried to impose censorship and persecute activists who have denounced police passivity and judicial obstacles. Two years ago, a Lebanese tourist was sentenced to eight years in prison for complaining on Facebook about sexual harassment. The case ended with his deportation. The impunity that for more than five years marked Ahmed's sexual hunt - with the silence and negligence of the educational centers through which he passed - has left a long list of victims, now united by the solidarity of those who demand the repair of the Justice.