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  4. Your nickname: Server name: The proof when you log on to the server (''thetime'' in chat): The proof before leaving the server (''thetime'' in chat):
  5. *Type: Avatar *Dimensions: 360x72 Texts: Journalists/Devil's Club *Theme / Image(s): Something on the subject of journalists (for example this ) *Last request link: Other Informations: We want to put an image in our project for journalists and other to Devil`s Club Please look at the requested dimension as it is important when inserting the image and to make it look good. Thank you
  6. Tesla finds itself in the crosshairs of a sophisticated, now partially disjointed Russian hacking organization known as "the group." A group that uses techniques and procedures typical of the field of espionage and that tried to recruit an employee of the company of the automobile company in exchange for a million dollars. However, he ended up reporting them to the FBI's counterintelligence department. There are times when it is difficult to distinguish organized crime from the actions of intelligence services. The line is sometimes fuzzy and its methods are common. This is one of these cases. It is the story of a conspiracy that straddles the field of international espionage and illicit profit motives. Its protagonists are two Russian citizens: a mysterious man who flies from Moscow to the United States under a declared identity (about which there is no trace before these events) and a compatriot who emigrated to America to make his fortune as a Tesla employee. Tesla's stock market value has soared 500% so far this year. The company is going through the sweetest moment in its history: it has recently become the largest manufacturer in the world by market capitalization. A success that has not gone unnoticed by the world of crime, which has set its eyes on Elon Musk's successful company looking to make its own August. The objective? Apparently, take control of the computer networks of the automobile company (accounting, customers, R&D, etc.) with the aim of hijacking them and then demanding a ransom. However, the Russian criminal group's plan was truncated when the Tesla employee, who had been offered a million dollars, decided to report to the FBI. The case, which has followed the channels of an incident of a criminal nature, is full of unknowns, doubts and chiaroscuro. Despite having received the treatment of a common crime, the agent in charge of the investigation (assigned to contain intelligence tasks in North American territory) states in his report that the alleged offender uses methods and techniques typical of a field agent during operation. Intelligence. In his report, the federal agent makes several notes in this regard. In addition, it deliberately omits sensitive information, about other large companies that allegedly would have been victims of the Russian organization before Tesla. According to the FBI report, it is an operation planned from Russia that was intended to be carried out on North American territory. The first contact relevant to the case between the Tesla employee (about whom not much information about his identity is provided and who has the status of "confidential source") and the member of the Russian organization (identified as Kryuchkov in the affidavit of the FBI) was made through WhatsApp. However, both were old acquaintances since 2016 and had resumed communication through a third person (unidentified) at the end of July this year. TWO OLD KNOWN When both protagonists returned to contact by WhatsApp, Kriuchkov told the Tesla employee his intention to visit him during a trip to the United States that he had planned. Days later, Kryuchkov flew from Moscow to New York and entered the country legally on a tourist visa. In addition, he took advantage of his stop in the Big Apple to get several "clean" phone cards and paid for in cash. Afterward, Kryuchkov flew from New York to San Francisco. From there, he traveled in a rented car to Nevada, where his compatriot who worked at Tesla resided. The first meeting between the two took place on August 1. During the next three days, Kricuhkov stayed at the employee's home up to 5 times. During this time, both (in the company of several acquaintances of the worker) took the opportunity to make excursions to nearby natural places. It was precisely in these escapades that Kryuchkov began to have suspicious behavior, as revealed in the FBI document. "During the excursions, Kryuchkov expressly showed his desire not to appear in any photos, arguing that he did not need them to remember the beauty of the place. However, at the insistence of the rest of his fellow travelers, he ended up posing for a group picture. In addition He also did not use his mobile phone during this time, "the report states. According to the agent in charge of the case, assigned to counterintelligence tasks and with 15 years of experience in the force, "individuals involved in criminal activities often make an effort not to leave evidence about their locations, avoid surveillance systems and do not take Photos". During the trip, the assistants noticed that Kryuchkov insisted on paying all the expenses related to the escape. This young 27-year-old Russian justified his expense by claiming that he had won good money gambling at the casino. "I know, thanks to my training and experience, that people involved in intelligence operations and criminal activities often spend money extravagantly in front of people who try to recruit or incorporate into their criminal activities," says the federal agent. At the end of this trip, Kryuchkov told the Tesla employee that he would like to "talk business" the next day. "SPECIAL PROJECTS" In this new face-to-face encounter they drank and got drunk in a restaurant. When they were both drunk enough, Kryuchkov piled up the cell phones, pushed them away, and jumped into the pool to try and recruit his compatriot. Kryuchkov told him that he worked for a "group" that paid employees of large companies large sums of money. In return, they had to introduce malicious programs into their employer's computer systems. The young Russian boasted that "the group" had carried out these "special projects" successfully on various occasions against other relevant companies. However, the names of the companies have been hidden from the FBI report submitted to the judge. Kryuchkov also explained that the modus operandi of these "special projects" consisted of carrying out two simultaneous actions. One of them was carried out remotely over the internet in the form of a denial of services attack against a company. An attack that the "group" knew had no real chance of success but was intended to serve as a distraction. Meanwhile, the actual attack took place from within the company premises with a recruited employee who was in charge of infecting the company's networks with a malicious program, stored on a USB stick. The aim of the action was that the professionals in charge of computer security were focused on repelling the external attack while the internal attack was completed successfully. Once the trick was successfully executed, it was only necessary for "the group" to contact the company to ask for money for a ransom. Something that they had already achieved with success in previous operations, as Kryuchkov himself confessed to his compatriot on different occasions, even mentioning names of large companies affected by this technique. However, the names of these companies were omitted from the report that the FBI sent to the judge. For the operation against Tesla, the job of the Tesla employee would consist of carrying out the attack from within and his task was very simple: insert a USB with malicious code into a computer connected to the company's network. In return, they offered him half a million dollars. FROM COMPINCH TO INFORMANT Days later, on August 7, Kryuchkov and his compatriot who works for the electric car company met again. This time, the meeting took place inside a car. However, they were not alone. The FBI was watching them. Sometime between August 3-7, the Tesla worker betrayed his compatriot and contacted his company's security department. He alerted them to his plans and they, in turn, alerted the FBI. The worker had gone from being a possible accomplice to becoming an FBI informant. During the meeting in the car, Kryuchkov tried to offer "guarantees" to his compatriot, who pretended to continue cooperating with the gang. They even hagged the reward, which amounted to $ 1 million. Kryuchkov also offered the informant the possibility of planting false evidence so that the traces of the crime would lead to a person of his choice. "EL PACHÁ" AND "KITTY" Over the next several weeks, both individuals continued to negotiate under the watchful eye of the FBI. During this time they agreed that the worker would receive advance payment as a token of good faith. To do this, they collaborated and planned a way to open a safe and "clean" wallet so that the advance was paid in Bitcoin. However, the FBI had already managed to tap into the virtual wallet as another way to collect information about the case. During their frequent encounters, the informant spoke with other members of the gang (always hands-free through Kriuchov's cell phones). The FBI document acknowledges that the Tesla employee spoke with a guy who used the alias "Pasha," which the feds refer to with that nickname in official documents. Pasha was the person responsible for approving the payments that the worker would receive for his collaboration with "the group." Although it is not mentioned in the FBI report, "Pasha" is the Latin transcription of a Russian word of Turkish origin, which was used to designate a high leader of the Ottoman Empire, usually in the military sphere, so it is very likely this man was responsible for the group. The Spanish translation of "Pasha" is Pachá. Another member of the band is only identified as "Kisa". A Russian diminutive whose translation is "kitten". Kisa's task would be to "notify" (by means of a smiley face emoticon via WhatsApp) the Tesla employee of the
  7. The revelation that the first lady broke security regulations, which require communications between senior officials to be through official and protected systems, echoes the scandal that cost Hillary Clinton her candidacy for president Melania Trump used emails and private text messages as first lady, thus breaking the basic security regulations of the United States Administration, which require that communications between high officials be made through official and protected systems. That is the accusation made by the former adviser - and former personal friend - of Donald Trump's wife, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, in an interview with the Washington Post. "Melania and I never used emails from the White House," says Wolkoff, who just published the book 'Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady.' Among the systems used by Melania Trump, according to Wolkoff, are a private email from the Trump Organization - the society under which all the president's business activities are organized -, from the Internet domain, from the text messaging service of The iPhone, iMessage, and the Signal app. To support his accusations, Wolkoff, who was one of the coordinators of the parties for the transfer of powers from the presidency of Barack Obama to that of Donald Trump, has presented several online conversations with Melania Trump to the newspaper through private electronic messaging systems . The two broke their friendship as a result of investigations into possible misappropriation of funds in acts of transfer of powers from Obama to Trump. Wolkoff accuses Melania Trump of having tried to attribute the alleged irregularities to her company, WIS Media Partners, and of having eluded all responsibility. The revelation that Melania Trump used private email and text messages echoes the scandal that cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 presidential bid: her decision to use Google-owned Gmail email and a private server on her home in New York, during her tenure as Secretary of State from 2012 to 2016. Clinton did not report to the State Department, and when an investigation was conducted into the case, it was discovered that among the emails on the server were 22 with the rating 'Top Secret'. In addition, Clinton deleted 33,000 emails from her server so that they were not accessible to researchers. In August 2016, in the middle of the electoral campaign, Donald Trump launched his famous phrase in relation to emails when he said: "Russia, if you are listening, I hope you are able to find the 30,000 missing emails." The Clinton email scandal prompted prominent Republican figures, including Trump's former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, to sing chants saying "Lock her up!" Paradoxically, no one has taken similar action against other senior officials in the Trump administration - or that of George W. Bush - for using private emails. General Colin Powell, who was US Secretary of State during the invasion of Iraq, also used a private email. The same is true of Donald Trump's senior advisers, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, the president's daughter and son-in-law respectively.
  8. The player's father meets with Bartomeu, who denies him leaving Barça and offers to renew for two years The farewell of Leo Messi to Barça is turning into a long story that invites us to think about an uncertain ending, because neither party is willing to give their arm to twist. The father of the crack, Jorge Messi, who acts as his representative, landed on Tuesday morning in Barcelona after a long trip by private jet and in the afternoon he met with Josep Maria Bartomeu, assisted by a lawyer from Cuatrecasas, without reaching any agreement. The president denied him an agreed exit and offered to renew his contract with Barcelona for two more years. In the meeting, which lasted almost two hours, Bartomeu was firm and said that Koeman was counting on him, with no room for negotiation. The president was accompanied by the manager Javier Bordas, while Jorge Messi was assisted by the Cuatrecasas lawyer Jorge Pecourt and by his son and brother of the footballer, Rodrigo. Hours before, as soon as he left the airport, Messi's father saw how an avalanche of informants hovered over him to get a statement. "I don't know anything, boys," was one of the phrases they got out of him while he was getting into a taxi. Upon reaching the building where the Leo Messi Foundation is based, on Avenida Diagonal, near the Camp Nou, a Mediaset team managed a few more words. And very significant. "It is difficult for Leo to stay at Barça," he slipped, while pointing out that he had not spoken with Pep Guardiola or anyone from Manchester City, one of the main teams that would be interested in hiring the Barcelona player. Perhaps, Bartomeu tried to hold on to Messi's father's claim like a burning nail. At the end of the day, he said that it is difficult for him to stay at the club, not impossible. Subsequently, Jorge Messi met with his lawyers throughout the morning to prepare the strategy to follow before the directors of the entity. After being together for about six hours, he left the meeting to eat with Rodrigo, the eldest of his sons, in a restaurant located in the Les Tres Torres neighborhood, in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district. Both would later participate in the meeting with the Barça president. In the morning, meanwhile, Bartomeu was present at the farewell of Ivan Rakitic, who has closed his signing for Sevilla after six seasons at Barcelona. As soon as the first parliaments of the Croatian's farewell act ended and the press conference began, the president preferred to leave the midfielder alone to attend the media, they participated electronically. For now, both the top Barcelona leader and Messi himself are reluctant to face the questions of the informants. And Rakitic even seemed to send a small message to the one who has been his wardrobe partner until now. «Each player makes his analysis and makes his decisions. I have seen that this was my moment. What he or someone else will do, I don't know. My departure went well. I have not thought about Messi, I have thought about my situation. The first option is always Barça for me, but everyone has to make their decision, "stressed the Croatian, who was not part of the plans of the new Barcelona coach, Ronald Koeman. «I am very grateful to the president for the treatment on my departure. We have talked about everything, the board knows me very well. The main thing was to reach a good understanding for all parties, and it has come now. It was important for me to return to Sevilla, but before it was not the time to leave. Barça is the best club to be in. Now, on the other hand, that moment has come ”, he stressed. In the afternoon, the most absolute secrecy about the meeting dominated, broken for a surreal moment: the president's car passed in front of the latter's house, without being seen in the cabin, and immediately turned around . Apparently his son was driving it. It was a red herring. The president was elsewhere, firm in his no. For now.
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  10. Good topics but you have very bad activity in ts3. PRO but try to improve that activity. Good luck
  11. 1. Game: cs 1.62. Tag [@name]: @-LosT 3. Time & Date: Now4. Detalies[rounds, duration, explains about game, etc., if necesary]: 10 Rounds All weapons5. Do you need a referee?[click HERE to check the Overwatch team list]: - No need
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