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    The shovel insults the poker.
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  1. ahaha, i know all staffs will have member / banned :bb

  2. What ! , Where are you ?Beverly Hills 90210 Popcorn GIF by CBS All Access

  3. What happened here? :/

    1. Master_Kill


      Is Removed from Global Moderator :( 

    2. Flexoh
  4. Greetings! You posted on wrong section, for unban click ---> HERE T/C.
  5. Advertising = permanent ban. What is "advertising" ? ex. "Come to this teamspeak server with IP: x.x.x.x" T/C.
  6. Minecraft Ce putem face cu Oanna? 😈
  7. Look at this and do your job @a r t h u r

    1. a r t h u r
    2. BOSS @ Csblackdevil
    3. Luanhyx.


      you did not understand english right ?

      even what i said before this reply :v

  8. STAFF (Profile Emblem) Administrator of the Year ➤ @growndex. Global Moderator of the Year ➤ @Lunix I Moderator of the Year ➤ @portocalo!xD / @#ΣVIL BABY PROJECT NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem + 1500 CSBD Points) GFX Designer of the Year ➤ @Lord Edward GFX Helper of the Year ➤ @βհටටͲհ! Gambler of the Year ➤ @Ntgthegamer Uploader of the Year ➤ @Ares Overwatcher of the Year ➤ @vagabond. Journalist of the Year ➤ @Bandolero MANAGERS NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem + 2000 CSBD Points) Manager CS 1.6 of the Year ➤ @vagabond. Manager CS:GO of the Year ➤ @kekeandrei SPECIAL GROUPS NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem+ 2500 CSBD Points) The oldest Ex-Staff ➤ @Loading / @Călin™ Best V.I.P. ➤ @vagabond. TEAMSPEAK 3 NOMINATIONS (Special TS3 Icon + 50.000 TS3 Coins) TS3 Helper of the Year ➤ @TraxData The most active TS3 user ➤ @axelxcapo The user who asked the most for rank ➤ @#HaSsAn and other 100 The best TS3 DJ ➤ @GOLDEN™ The most AFK user ➤ @EMMA SERVERS NOMINATIONS (Special Signature with the server's name) Server of the Year ➤ RESPAWN.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM The most active (32/32) server ➤ RESPAWN.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM The best Zombie server ➤ZMOLDSCHOOL.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM The best Classic server ➤ FUN.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM The best Respawn server ➤ RESPAWN.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM MEMBERS NOMINATIONS (2000 CSBD Points) The most active membru CsBlackDevil (+1000 CSBD Points) ➤ @Afrodita. Banned of the year ➤ @Angrry.exe™. Loser of the year ➤ @a r t h u r XD The member who dreams about ranks ➤ @[MC]Ronin[MC] Spammer of the Year ➤ @#Mark-x The most social member ➤ @Ares The most beautiful member ➤ @Oanna The most appreciated member ➤ @Mr.Love The most annoying member ➤ @Phunk The most beloved member ➤ @Phunk The richest member ➤ @myCro 🐺 The member who helped the most ➤ @#DeXteR The member with the best topics/posts ➤ @Mr.Love The friendliest member ➤ @dreen
  9. Bine ai venit Aguero! 💙
  10. There's a questions without a picture (which car model is this?). I can't edit it anymore so the answer is:

    Chevrolet Corvette


  11. 10 questions 10 beautiful cars ---> HERE

  12. a r t h u r

    Car Quiz #1

    View this quiz Car Quiz #1 Only true car experts will pass this quiz. Here are some of the most gorgeous cars on the planet. Submitter a r t h u r Type One Right Answer Time 2 minutes Total Questions 10 Category TRIVIA Quiz Submitted 11/29/19  

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