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    The shovel insults the poker.
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  1. hakuna your tatas

    1. a r t h u r

      a r t h u r

      calm your tits

  2. Stop asking me about L4D2, I had a minecraft server, they just changed the name.

  3. Ooh Mr.Shovel, you came back? 😄 😄 😄 

  4. Welcome Back dude 😛

  5. look who is back

    Tongue Flirting GIF by BROCKHAMPTON

  6. ahaha, i know all staffs will have member / banned :bb

  7. What ! , Where are you ?Beverly Hills 90210 Popcorn GIF by CBS All Access

  8. What happened here? :/

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    2. Flexoh
    3. Phunk


      He was caught selling contraband Kurtos Kalacs. 

    4. a r t h u r

      a r t h u r

      I got removed because I did my job.  :)

  9. a r t h u r

    Unban request

    Greetings! You posted on wrong section, for unban click ---> HERE T/C.
  10. Advertising = permanent ban. What is "advertising" ? ex. "Come to this teamspeak server with IP: x.x.x.x" T/C.
  11. Minecraft Ce putem face cu Oanna?
  12. Look at this and do your job @a r t h u r

    1. a r t h u r
    3. Reus


      you did not understand english right ?

      even what i said before this reply :v