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  1. T͟Hē GHōST' is the winner, please lock this topic.
  2. Requests: 1v1 Battle: 2 Gifts: Reply in 3 galleries:
  3. > Opponent's nickname: @T͟Hē GHōST' > Theme (must be an image): > Work Type: Avatar > Size & Texts: 150x250 & "BATTLE" > How many votes?: 10 > Work time: however is needed, send in pm and we start the battle.
  4. welcome to team bro <3

    1. Master LR#

      Master LR#

      Thx, but is not for me 🙂

  5. Congo!!

    1. Master LR#

      Master LR#

      Thx man, but is not for me, here (on this community) are other people who deserve to be part of the GFX Team.

  6. 2:00 AM | A Chill Mix 


  7. Especially bad, welcome.
  8. Au inebunit salcamii!


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