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  1. SK Hynix announced that it has started the full-scale mass-production of high-speed DRAM, ‘HBM2E’, only ten months after the Company announced the development of the new product in August last year. SK Hynix's HBM2E supports over 460GB (Gigabyte) per second with 1,024 I/Os (Inputs/Outputs) based on the 3.6GBps (gigabits-per-second) speed performance per pin. It is the fastest DRAM solution in the industry, being able to transmit 124 FHD (full-HD) movies (3.7GB each) per second. SK Hynix Beings HBM2E DRAM Mass Production - TSV Allows For Higher Density By Vertically Stacking 16 GB Chips The density is 16GB by vertically stacking eight 16GB chips through TSV (Through Silicon Via) technology, and it is more than doubled from the previous generation (HBM2). TSV is an interconnecting technology that connects the upper and lower chips through thousands of fine holes on the DRAM chip. It delivers data, commands, and currents through column-shaped paths that penetrate the entire silicon wafer thickness after stacking multiple DRAM chips on the buffer chip. It also has up to a 30% decrease in size and up to a 50% decrease in power consumption over existing packaging methods. HBM2E boasts high-speed, high-capacity, and low-power characteristics; it is an optimal memory solution for next-generation AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems including Deep Learning Accelerator and High-Performance Computing, which all require high-level computing performance. Following are some of the key points of SK Hynix's HBM2E memory: HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) High performance, high bandwidth memory products that adopt TSV technology to dramatically accelerate data processing speed over traditional DRAMs. TSV (Through Silicon Via) An interconnecting technology that connects the upper and lower chips through thousands of fine holes on DRAM chip. Delivers data, commands, and currents through column-shaped paths that penetrate the entire silicon wafer thickness after stacking multiple DRAM chips on the buffer chip. Up to 30% decrease in size and up to 50% decrease in power consumption over existing packaging methods. Standards for data process speed conversion 1GB = 8Gb 3.6Gbps per pin with 1024 data I/Os (Inputs/Outputs) = 3686.4Gbps 3686.4Gbps / 8 = 460.8GB/s (Gb -> GB conversion) Furthermore, it is expected to be applied to the Exascale supercomputer – a high-performance computing system that can perform calculations a quintillion times per second – that will lead the research of next-generation basic and applied science, such as climate changes, bio-medics, and space exploration. “SK Hynix has been at the forefront of technology innovation that contributes to human civilization with achievements including the world’s first development of HBM products,” said Jonghoon Oh, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at SK Hynix. “With the full-scale mass-production of HBM2E, we will continue to strengthen our presence in the premium memory market and lead the fourth industrial revolution.”
  2. The "E-Bus Laboratory COVID-19" project seeks to facilitate access to the taking of samples to carry out PCR examinations -and possibly other tests- Foton, together with the Catholic University of Chile and its Faculty of Medicine, set up a mobile laboratory on an electric bus. The pilot project, which is called "E-Bus Laboratory COVID-19", seeks to facilitate access to the taking of samples to carry out PCR examinations - and possibly other tests - in vulnerable areas of the Metropolitan Region. The Foton e-Bus, which will be operated by the UC CHRISTUS Health Network, was completely adapted with special equipment to function as a laboratory and provide all the protections for health personnel. The bus-laboratory has a sector of seats for the transfer of health personnel (2 nurses, 1 nursing technician and 1 administrative), access with a cabin with sanitation restriction, administrative area, 2 sampling box (with sleeves to maintain physical distance) and storage area, as well as WiFi service. Regarding its technical specifications, it reaches approximately 170 kilometers of autonomy, considering 80% of battery capacity use (129 kW) in urban conditions. In addition, its batteries are fast charging; Using a 150 kW charger, the batteries recharge 80% of their capacity in 25 minutes. Although of course, there are other versions also that can reach 300 kilometers. Enel X Chile will be in charge of the adaptation, sanitation and energy charging of the mobile laboratory. The exams and sampling will be financed with the resources of the Esperanza Project COVID-19 of the alliance between the Catholic University and BHP. The people who will be treated in this mobile laboratory will be referred from the local health services and must have a medical order. The idea is to assist the po[CENSORED]tion of the Áncora UC Primary Care Centers -of La Pintana and Puente Alto- and other specific sectors to be agreed with the authorities. What was said The Dean of the UC Faculty of Medicine, Felipe Heusser, explained that “the electric bus that Enel makes available today to the 'Esperanza COVID 19' project is a clear example of the effort between the Catholic University, through our Faculty of Medicine and the UC CHRISTUS Health Network, and private companies, to face this pandemic. Undoubtedly, it is a fundamental support for the materialization of the project that we are developing together with BHP, and which seeks to significantly increase the diagnostic capacity of Covid-19, in order to identify, isolate and monitor patients in the southeastern sector of the Metropolitan Region ”. For his part, the general manager of Andes Motor, Luis Izquierdo, stated that “we are very happy to be able to contribute through our Foton bus to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, supporting health workers and facilitating the access to exams for people from the communes of Puente Alto and La Pintana. Being an environmentally friendly laboratory, which works without polluting, with very low noise levels, we are even more satisfied. ” Meanwhile, the general manager of Enel X Chile, Karla Zapata, stressed that “we are living a complex moment that requires everyone's collaboration. The implementation of this 100% electric laboratory bus is an unprecedented initiative in our country, both due to its characteristics and its implementation, and reaffirms our commitment to contribute to overcoming this pandemic that affects the world and our country, incorporating electric mobility into the health care, also contributing to caring for the environment and decontamination of the city ”.
  3. The national side noted that Ángel Comizzo's arrival at Universitario is good because of his previous experiences with the meringues. "We already know his way of working," he stressed. Aldo Corzo, defender of Universitario de Deportes, considered the choice of Ángel Comizzo as substitute for Gregorio Pérez in the cream club wise and hopes to complete the season in the best way. The Argentine coach will arrive in Peru in the next few hours to assume his third stage as a merengue coach and will have no adaptation problems, said the lateral. "We have not yet spoken with the 'teacher' Angel, the good thing is that we already knew him from last year, that the team fought the closing until the last date and unfortunately we won it. I am sorry that Gregorio (Pérez) is not there but Comizzo arrived and that is good because we already know his way of working, ”said the regular called up to the Peruvian team this Thursday in‘ ElTridenteDepor ’. "Last year we adapted well to the idea (of Comizzo) and the base continues, so I think we are going to adapt quickly to what he wants," he added. University student was surprised by the COVID-19 pandemic after a regular start to the season and will face the return of League 1 with the title in his sights, Corzo made clear, who assures that the campus of the student team is united and focused, regardless of the problems that existed and may arise in the institution. “The group is stronger, we have coupled very well, along the same lines, and with what happened (change of leadership) the group became stronger. Our goal is to be champion, regardless of who comes, "he said.
  4. The Government published this Thursday the emergency decree that establishes the subsidy for public transport companies to continue operating during the state of emergency and complying with protocols to avoid contagion of coronavirus (COVID-19). In the regulation, the Executive pointed out that the "subsidy is calculated based on operating costs, which are determined through the kilometers traveled by public transport units." In addition, he specified that the subsidy is granted for a period of 30 calendar days from the start date determined in the supreme decree. In the supreme decree, it was stressed that public transport companies must comply with the capacity (number of seats allowed) and the provisions on cleaning and disinfection of vehicles. However, he clarified that the regular ground transportation services of people of provincial scope concessioned within the framework of the rules of promotion of private investment will not receive financial compensation. The Government specified that the Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU) will be in charge of granting the subsidy to the public transport companies that circulate in the capital and the constitutional province. He emphasized that more than S / 38 million will be transferred to the provincial municipalities to make effective the subsidy to carriers, while the ATU will allocate more than 78 million soles.
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  5. Hi @#LiNeX I have seen your profile and I see you active in the community. I see that you are interested in wanting to contribute good ideas and this is pleasant. I hope you change your attitude or some mistake you have made in the past and do not make it in the future supporting the community for me is a PRO
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  7. I was able to see his profile and he has no activity in the forum, as he says @#PREDATOR let's leave the drama to the side, to be part of the staff you have to belong to one of our projects and be more active in our community, I think you only returned with the ego higher than before and by the servers, I advise you to introduce yourself and join one of our projects and make a great contribution and work, this will speak a lot about you and your level of work that you can offer, if you do not like any of our projects could you proposal us another one? that you might like, Contra
  8. Intel's 10th Gen Comet Lake-S desktop processors including the Core i9-10900K & Core i7-10700K are now available in pre-binned flavors at Silicon Lottery. The Intel 10th Gen family launched last month for the latest Z490 platform last month. The CPU family featured the same 14nm architecture but delivered some impressive clock speeds while sacrificing overall efficiency. Intel Core i9-10900K 10 Core & Core i7-10700K 8 Core CPUs Available In Pre-Binned Flavors - Up To 5.1 GHz Clocks For $949.99 US Despite the launch of these 10th Gen CPUs last month, the Core i9-10900K and Core i7-10700K are available in very limited quantities around various retailers across the globe. Silicon Lottery had the Core i7-10700K pre-binned variant in stock since last month but the Core i9-10900K appeared just now with the Core i5-10600K planned to be listed around mid of July. Intel Core i9-10900K Pre-Binned CPU SKUs and Statistics So coming to the SKUs, each CPU has three pre-binned variants based on the clock speeds. For a price of $589 US, you get a pre-binned 10 core chip with guaranteed clock speeds of 4.90 GHz for all cores, 5.0 GHz for 6 cores and 5.1 GHz for 3 cores. This is slightly better than the 4.8 GHz boost that you'd normally get across all cores with 4.9 GHz only kicking in with Thermal Velocity Boost but for a short duration. The reference variant also features a 5.1 GHz standard boost for a single-core whereas the pre-binned variant gets up to 3 cores running at 5.1 GHz and standard 5.3 GHz boost is maintained for 1-core. The chip is tuned at 1.325V (Vcore) and runs stable through the tests. The PL1 and PL2 states for the pre-binned chip are maintained at 220W. For a $90 US premium, the pre-binned chip doesn't sound that bad of a deal but we'll get to more details about how you can achieve similar results with a stock retail chip too. Next up, we have the $679.99 US variant which for a $180 US premium gets you guaranteed 5.0 GHz clocks across all 10 cores, 5.1 GHz across 6 cores and 5.2 GHz across 3 cores. The voltage is maintained at 1.350V while PL1/PL2 states are set at 230W. Lastly, we have the $949.99 US SKU which for a $450 US premium gives you a guaranteed overclock of 5.1 GHz across all 10 cores, 5.2 GHz for up to 6 cores and 5.3 GHz for up to 3 cores at 1.375V while power limits are maintained at 250W. Interestingly, Silicon Lottery also shares its pre-binning statistics which reveal that almost 100% of the chips can achieve the results of the $589 US SKU with 4.9 GHz all-core clocks, 73% can achieve the results of the $679 US SKU with 5.0 GHz all-core clocks and only 24% of the chips can achieve the results of the top $949 US SKU with 5.1 GHz all-core clocks. You can additionally get your CPUs delidded which are said to decrease temperatures by up to 12 degrees Celsius but it will cost you an extra $50 US. Following are the motherboards that are validated to hit the said clock speeds on Intel's Core i9-10900K CPU: ASUS Z490 ROG MAXIMUS XII APEX ASUS Z490 ROG MAXIMUS XII EXTREME ASUS Z490 ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA ASUS Z490 ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO Intel Core i7-10700K Pre-Binned CPU SKUs and Statistics Moving on to the Core i7-10700K, we get three SKUs starting with the $429.99 US variant which for a $50 US premium gets you a 4.9 GHz guaranteed overclock on all 8 cores and 5.0 GHz on 4-cores with a voltage of 1.35V and power limits at 210W. The Core i7-10700K retail chip ships with an all-core boost clock of 4.7 GHz and a single-core boost of 5.0 GHz which makes this $50 US premium offer quite nice for the added performance. For a $80 US premium of $469.99 US, you get 5.0 GHz guaranteed clocks on all 8 cores and 5.1 GHz for 4 cores with a voltage supply of 1.375V and power limits increased to 220W. The last SKU is the $559.99 US variant which is a $170 US premium over the reference MSRP but gets you a overclock of 5.1 GHz for all 8 cores and 5.2 GHz for 4 cores at 1.400V with power limits raised to 240W. These CPUs can also be bought in delidded flavors but you will have to pay the same $50 US extra to get it done. In terms of binning statistics, all retail chips can reach the clock speeds of the $429.99 US variant while the top 68% can hit the speeds of the 5.0 GHz bin. The 5.1 GHz bin is very rare and can only be achieved by top 20% chips. Following are the motherboards that are validated to hit the said clock speeds on Intel's Core i7-10700K CPU: ASUS Z490 PRIME Z490-A ASUS Z490 ProArt Z490-CREATOR 10G ASUS Z490 ROG MAXIMUS XII APEX ASUS Z490 ROG MAXIMUS XII EXTREME ASUS Z490 ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA ASUS Z490 ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO ASUS Z490 ROG STRIX Z490-A ASUS Z490 ROG STRIX Z490-E ASUS Z490 ROG STRIX Z490-F ASUS Z490 ROG STRIX Z490-G ASUS Z490 ROG STRIX Z490-H The Intel Core i5-10600K is also suggested to hit silicon lottery soon with an estimated arrival of 19th July. Once again, the pre-binned CPUs are for users who want a guaranteed overclocks and clock speeds on their unlocked parts as you can see that just a quarter of the chips can achieve overclock beyond 5.0 GHz. Regardless, a 100-200 MHz difference in clock speeds won't yield any major gains for the general audience but for enthusiasts, these chips are pure gold to play around with.
  9. Google One, the search giant's equivalent to Amazon Prime, emerged as the surprise leader in SensorTower’s list of top grossing Android apps worldwide for the first half of 2020. For the first time, Sensor Tower split its list to provide a more granular perspective on the most lucrative applications around. While Tinder rules the overall leaderboard across both App Store and Google Play - earning about $433 million - the dating app plays second fiddle to Google One in the Android marketplace. We reached out to Sensor Tower to obtain more data about the estimated revenue generated by Google One, but it's likely in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Google One The subscription service costs as little as $19.99/£15.99/AU$24.99 per year (for a total of 100GB) and is mainly used as additional cloud storage, over and above the 15GB Google users get by default. Other options are available up to 30TB, which costs a staggering $2999 per year. For Google One to top the rankings, at least 10 million Android users must have purchased subscriptions over the last six months (55,000 per day), which still accounts for less than 1% of the user base of Google’s operating system - the world’s most po[CENSORED]r. Google One allows you to add up to five family members, talk to Google experts and enjoy extra benefits from other Google products, such as special hotel pricing, Google Play credits and more. However you don’t get YouTube Premium yet (that will cost another $18 per month), nor YouTube Music. For Google One to lead the ranking, at least 10 million Android users must have purchased subscriptions in the past six months (55,000 per day), which represents less than 1% of the user base of Google's operating system, the most po[CENSORED]r in the world. Google One lets you add up to five family members, talk to Google experts, and enjoy additional benefits from other Google products, such as special hotel prices, Google Play credits, and more. However, you still don't get YouTube Premium (which will cost another $ 18 per month), nor YouTube Music.
  10. SUVs invade everything, in all formats and in all segments. And what until recently seemed impossible can now be reality. An example of this is the newly released Suzuki XL7, a small but seven-passenger SUV, developed and manufactured in Southeast Asian markets, of course. Well, it seems that Suzuki will not be the only one to venture there, since from India we get recreations of what will be a response from Hyundai for this seven-seat B segment: the Alcazar. What is it? It is a 7-seat variant of the new generation of Crete, for Hyundai's B + segment - It is longer, especially in the rear overhang - Maybe also add distance between the axes - Will add a third row of seats - It will have a flatter and longer roof to create more space behind - It would reach some markets such as India in 2021 Own personality Hyundai's new SUV would not be called Crete with any addition (Plus, XL, Extra ...) but would have its own name and aesthetic elements. - It would be called Alcazar, a name that seems closer to the Spanish SEAT - The front and the side print would be the same - The big difference comes from the back C-pillar. The upright becomes narrower and a third window appears - It would retain the top line and C-pillar in metallic tone - The rear and lights of that area would be model specific SUW? If you don't raise the roof too high, all these changes will give you proportions of a familiar adventurer or crossover between an SUV and a Station Wagon. Shared mechanics The engines for the new Hyundai Alcazar would be the same as in Crete: - 1.6L 16V 120 Hp - 1.4L Turbo 140 Hp - 1.5 Turbodiesel 115 Hp The transmissions would be manual or automatic, both of 6 changes. If it is produced in India it will reach Chile, let's take it for granted. The new generation of Crete is known to be on the way, but it will grow in size and price (at the level of the newly released KIA Seltos, with whom it shares everything), leaving the already launched Venue as an entry model.
  11. It will take two to four weeks for the national defender to return to the fields, at which time his team will begin competing in the 'MLS is Back' tournament, which will mark the return of American football. Marcos López, a former Sporting Cristal player and regular called up to the Peruvian team, had surgery in the United States and will be out for a short period for San Jose Earthquakes, who will face the return of MLS without the national defender. The 20-year-old winger “underwent an appendectomy on Tuesday afternoon to treat acute appendicitis. The surgery was performed at Orlando Health Doctor P. Phillips Hospital in Orlando, Florida, ”specified the US team. It is estimated that Marcos López's recovery period will last between two and four weeks, so he is ruled out for the debut of San Jose Earthquakes in the 'MLS is Back', a tournament with which the MLS will resume activities after almost four months of suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Earthquakes, where López has been playing since the beginning of 2019, will play the first of their three matches in the group stage of the contest on Friday, July 10 against the Seattle Sounders by Raúl Ruidíaz. The ‘MLS is Back’ will start on July 8 and will be held until August 11 behind closed doors at the Disney World sports complex. López played 18 matches - 15 as a starter - in 2019 during his first season in San Jose Earthquakes, in which he recorded an attendance.
  12. The president of the National Jury of Elections (JNE), Víctor Ticona, appeared this Wednesday at the Constitution and Regulation Commission and considered that the internal elections of political parties should be carried out with the compulsory participation of the organisms of the electoral system. This, he assured, will serve to guarantee the correctness and transparency of this process in which the candidates for the 2021 General Elections will be selected. Víctor Ticona pointed out, for this purpose, the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) would be in charge of organizing these elections; the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec), would prepare the standards and the JNE, would oversee the process. In addition, he proposed the use of electronic voting in person in internal elections, since it avoids the crowds that could cause coronavirus infections (COVID-19). He indicated that these elections could be carried out under the form of a militant, one vote to constitute an ideal mechanism for the strengthening of a political party. Optional vote and election date The president of the JNE referred to the optional vote and pointed out that this could be granted to vulnerable people to COVID-19, so, to avoid a constitutional reform, the most appropriate thing would be to issue a law that -exceptionally- exempts from payment of the fine for not voting or joining the voting tables for those over 60 years old and for those who have risk factors. Meanwhile, on the project that proposes to move the date of the electoral elections to the fifth Sunday in May, Ticona stated that the proposal is unfeasible because it would not leave room for an eventual second presidential round and would jeopardize the change of command that It must take place on July 28 in accordance with the Political Constitution.