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    1. Apple recently made some marketing claims using a 5nm processor against a 4-year old architecture and we were waiting for benchmarks to appear that we can use to do some solid comparisons. Earlier today, the single-core and multi-core scores in the latest Cinebench R23 have leaked out and boy is it a different story than the one Apple used in its announcement. The Apple M1 is a very impressive chip - but the fastest in mobility CPUs it is not - not by a long shot. Intel and AMD mobility x86 CPUs thrash Apple M1 in Cinebench R23 benchmarks even with a node handicap It is also inte
    2. You have a good activity, I don't know what happened with your retirement, but the only thing that all the members of the community hope is the change of personality, leave your immaturity and keep the promises and show everyone that we can count on you, you deserve a chance, good lucky bro.
    3. I see that you are active in our community and it is very positive, we hope that you will give more than your part in the projects that welcomed you and accept new challenges, good luck.
    4. The 36-year-old athlete will have to undergo surgery after the serious damage that was done to his right foot in the match against Cusco FC. Alianza Lima is experiencing a crisis of results and struggles not to descend. As if that wasn't enough, another terrible news came. And it is that Rinaldo Cruzado has a dislocated right ankle and will not be available for the rest of the year. The information was released by Alianza Lima on Tuesday morning. "Much force,‘ Ri ’! Our player, Rinaldo Cruzado, suffered a dislocated right ankle yesterday and will be operated on tonight. We
    5. Judge Juan Sánchez Balbuena will evaluate this Friday the request of the Lava Jato Special Team. Yamila Osorio is investigated for allegedly having received bribes from the “Construction Club”. Prosecutor Hamilton Montoro, from the Lava Jato Special Team, requested an 18-month bar to leave the country against Yamila Osorio, former regional governor of Arequipa, for allegedly having received bribes from the “Construction Club”. According to a resolution to which Management agreed, Judge Juan Sánchez Balbuena will evaluate this Friday the request of the Public Ministry from 10 a.m.



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