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    Today was a good Day
  • Dată naștere 12/31/2019

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  1. Legend still alive ❤️

  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 57/100 My Time 107 seconds  
  3. Tyrk

    carere unban 456

    yes it's not a problem you're doing your job that's why i asked for unban that's all, mybee the time passed very fast.
  4. Tyrk

    carere unban 456

    Numele tau : 456Ip : ID :Data & ora : 5:18pm 21/08/2019 Ro time Motivul : i get banned by admin i don"t remember the name who i giv'd him a headshot by chance so he though im using aim... so he chose to giv me 3 min to send the screenshots that in that time i have no idea where to find them /cstrike so he refuse my demendes to wait me some more minutes and i get banned Dovada : here i find them and those are the only screenshots that i find cuz he banned me fast without giving a chance to have more screens Upload la fotografii se face aici
  5. Nick-ul tau : 123 IP-ul : SteamIP: - Data si Ora : 26/07/2019 22:39 Adminul reclamat : i don't know Dovada : ( ithink it's clear cuz i got some problems with screetshots) Motivul : i got banned without getting reason for my banning out of server
  6. Tarekk ❤️
    Moderator de neuitat al Zm.CsBlackDevil.Com

    1. Mąģąsĥka


      I dont will forgot you ❤️

  7. You deserve to be higher than that congratulations my friend.

  8. Tyrk

    [Gift] TK

    appreciated, keep working
  9. You really are a fantastic man !!

    I will never see better than you in my life in design!!

    i really like you <3

    GooD Luck :) 

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