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  1. v1, the combination between the background and the render looks acceptable (V2 looks catastrophic )
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 121 seconds  
  3. Hello, this photo viewer has some problems with the jpg and jpeg files So its a long story about how to fix that and as i see u still using win xp (unhealthy a'd realy bad thing for your pc) So to solve this prob maybe u can upgrade your windows version or in anytime this viewer cannot launch your image Use paint (helpful to change the image format) , chrome also can help, even vlc, (i use the pdf launcher sometimes) so no need for a specific software..

    KallMeTarek's Gallery

    some bruch effects
  5. V2 text effects, simple, turned into something looks nice
  6. I heard what he had done. he is my friend. But when I see what he did, he makes everyone talk about racism against Arab people and that's what I think is the bad side of the story. everything as love said can be fixed, hateness is not. what he has done, it's his decision and only he (and people who supported him) who needs to get punishment, and not everyone who speaks Arabic should be. speaking Arabic is not a crime, but just it's not allowed here that's all (like many others languages), and if you want to be a part of a community you need to respect that community. keepit
  7. I can't say that i like your work but i think everyone deserves a chance, keep working, pro et bonne chance
  8. i have 7 years here and I cannot deny the benefits and the positive aspects of this community as a part of my life. The skills and people that i know here, keep it #HB #10th #csbd


    Nickname: @Wassim TN Rules time: 2 weeks Blacklist time: 1 month Category: requests Reason: blacklisted bfore this time of the same reason, non respect for the rules ( 2 weeks between the previous request) @axelxcapo (u can edit it)
  10. i don't know what to say, You are allowed to make another avatar/signature request only after 2 weeks & userbar/cover after 1 month of the previous request. Any request that does not follow the model given that it is rejected . The persistent person who does not follow this rule will be in the Blacklist rejected and blacklisted for one month
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