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BoRINg a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Februarie 14 2017

BoRINg a avut cel mai apreciat conținut!

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  • Dată Naștere 07/24/1997


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  1. ih ca fait longtemp majitch ♥

  2. Good Afternoon, I wanted to give a feedback about this proposal, in my opinion i barely can see this project whorthy for creating a whole section... for sure it's a good thing to share the places around the world with the members but a section for the journalits activities.. I think thats useless my friend and maybe you can save space for some real interesting sections. instead of that i may help with a suggestion which is a five topics pinned on Devil's club -- Free Time accessible by every memeber on this community to post pictures or even videos defining what place they're posting. Thank you!
  3. Legends never die. 

    Missing old admins 

  4. Welcome back Dude

  5. BoRINg

    REVAN's Gallery

    Hello son ? Such a great inspiration coming from you.. You've Developed & raised the qualities in your effects on creations, The animated text with AE is blowing my mind. I would say everything on your creations whatever is text, effect, animation, C4D, Smudge are dope. You seriously become undefeated ? Keep it going!
  6. look who visited forums :))))

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  1 alții
    2. Blackfire


      Long time bruda. You desepert . 

      Everyone Miss you . Momkin terja3 bezaf yhtajonik Hina ?

    3. BoRINg


      Me either, Would be a pleasure to help.. You guys can find me around ? 

    4. Blackfire


      Ach galik love . Ze3ma ila hdarti m3ah howa y9dar yrej3ek tani

  7. Welcome Back

    1. BoRINg


      Not yet bro, I just wanted to take a quick visit to the home. You know is hard to forget something you used to be in it! years.. ?

  8. are you still playing music in clubs?

    1. REVAN
    2. BoRINg


      Not really bro ? am a simple man hh

  9. we are waiting you in ts3 for the meeting , you / @G.O.G / @el catire 2 just for 30 min meeting will start....

  10. BoRINg

    [Solved] Request Avatar

    Thanks for the entire replies, This ones has inspired me alot
  11. BoRINg

    [Solved] Request Avatar

    ¤ Request Model ¤ Type: Avatar *Dimensions: 200x200 Text: BoRINg Theme (Obligatory stock): Click, Click Last request: August 7, 2017 *Other information: Be Creative.
  12. Well, V3 because i like the brushes, Also the border gives the picture more vibes.
  13. Would you like a music contest for our musicians?

    1. YorJose


      Yes Bro And Contact Me Music

    2. HellZone o.O
    3. Kyter


      This will be good idea there will be atlast something new competition to participate and have fun.

      I hope there will be more than 30 members.

      When it will be start?

      I am waiting

      And we want

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