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      ★ Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ★

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    1. ♠ Nick of the Admin: Dark_Fire / herowic / rlex ♠ Sanction : Remove ♠ Old Grade: Administrator / Semi - Elder ♠ New Grade: Players / Administrator ♠ Reason: 0 activity / low activity
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      1. Dante ღ

        Dante ღ

        Ke we, basa llorar? Xd

      2. axelxcapo


        Desbloqueame de WhatsApp y vemos quien llora gordo peton

    3. Admin smie-elder brought me back

    4. axelxcapo

      Request upgrade

      I'll be brief, this request will be marked as pending. You have 7 days to increase your activity and do your work in the StreetZM section
    5. @Ghostly. - Thank you for the wish you had to be one of us. Based on what we spoke in private you are going to be absent for a period and you decided to close your request. Whenever you consider ready give me an PM and this request will be reopened



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