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    ★ Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ★
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    I want to turn this into one of the best communities in the world.


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  1. *Type: cover *Dimensions: 1839x309 Text: axelxcapo - Founder latin recluite - Uploaders *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): just text. *Last request link: Other informations: Gif, thanks!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    [EN] It's a remake of Aizek Auto change map, but it has many differences. First of all this plugins works for all servers (with mp_timelimit 0 and with defined time too). When there is no players on server for time defined in sm_cm_idlechange server changes map for sm_cm_nextmap. If sm_cm_nextmap is the same map as current and mp_timelimit is not 0 it sets nextmap same as current so if someone join the server map will automaticly reload. It creates config at cfg\sourcemod\autochangemap.cfg Cvars: sm_cm_idlechange - when no players after this time server changes the map (def "5"). sm_cm_nextmap - the name of map for change without .bsp (def "de_dust2"). sm_cm_command - When mp_timelimit is not 0 this command will be used to set nextmap - ma_setnextmap for MAP or sm_setnextmap for SM. sm_cm_players - How many players should by on server to change the map (def "0"). [RO] Este un remake al hărții Aizek Auto Change, dar are multe diferențe. În primul rând, aceste plugin-uri funcționează pentru toate serverele (cu mp_timelimit 0 și cu timp definit și). Atunci când nu există jucători pe server pentru timp definiți în serverul sm_cm_idlechange schimbă harta pentru sm_cm_nextmap. Dacă sm_cm_nextmap este aceeași hartă ca actuală și mp_timelimit nu este 0, aceasta setează harta următoare la fel ca cea curentă, astfel încât dacă cineva se alătură hartii serverului se va reîncărca automat. Creează config la cfg \ sourcemod \ autochangemap.cfg CVAR: sm_cm_idlechange - atunci când niciun jucător după acest server nu schimbă harta (def "5"). sm_cm_nextmap - numele hărții pentru schimbare fără .bsp (def "de_dust2"). sm_cm_command - Când mp_timelimit nu este 0, această comandă va fi utilizată pentru a seta harta următoare - ma_setnextmap pentru MAP sau sm_setnextmap pentru SM. sm_cm_players - Câți jucători ar trebui pe server să schimbe harta (def "0").
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  5. Version 1.0.0

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    [EN] Main features Start of automatic game goodbye to .ready General menu with the N key Pause match Mute and Unmute Eject Player DMG and RDMG automatic console Configurable draw When changing sides, the scores are maintained The living can read the dead Configurable prefix. Ex: [MyPrefix] Terrorists are winning 10-6 Team money shown in: chat, hud or with sprites above the players. (Still developing sprites) Chat commands Administrator: .start - Force the start of the pug .cancel - Force the end of the pug .manual - The mode will start manually (useful for playing scrim or pcw, will start only when an admin writes .start) .auto - The mode will automatically start Player: .menu - Functionality menu (N key) .votekick - Start voting to expel a player .votepause - Voting to pause match .mute - Mute player .unmute - Unmute player [RO] Caracteristici principale Începutul jocului automat la revedere de la .ready Meniu general cu tasta N Pauză potrivită Silențiu și oprit Eject Player Consola automată DMG și RDMG Tragere configurabilă La schimbarea laturilor, scorurile sunt menținute Vii pot citi morții Prefix configurabil. Ex: [MyPrefix] Teroriștii câștigă 10-6 Banii echipei afișați în: chat, hud sau cu sprit-uri deasupra jucătorilor. (Încă se dezvoltă sprituri) Comenzi de chat administrator: .start - Forțați pornirea pug .cancel - Forțați sfârșitul pug .manual - Modul va începe manual (util pentru a juca scrim sau pcw, va începe doar atunci când un admin scrie .start) .auto - Modul va porni automat jucător: .menu - Meniu funcționalitate (tasta N) .votekick - Începe să votezi pentru a expulza un jucător .votepause - Votul pentru întreruperea meciului .mute - Mute player .unmute - Dezactivează jucătorul
  6. it's good to see almost the whole team in ts3 <3 :D


  7. BMW Group Argentina will launch next week its last great novelty of 2019: the new BMW 1 Series. In a year full of news for the group, the brand new generation of the hatchback for Segment C (compact) will be the brand's main bet by 2020: bet on becoming the best selling BMW in Argentina. The new Series 1 (internal code F40) opens a new BMW Group platform that completely changed the mechanical distribution. There will no longer be versions with rear-wheel drive. And, for the first time, front or all-wheel drive options will be offered in Argentina. You can choose between two mechanical options. * BMW 118i: Front wheel drive, with 1.5 turbonaftero engine (three cylinders, 140 hp and 220 Nm). This engine can be combined with a six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic transmission. * BMW M135i xDrive: All-wheel drive, with 2.0 turbonaftero engine (four cylinders, 306 hp and 450 Nm). This engine is combined only with eight-speed automatic gearbox. The equipment and prices will be informed next week.
  8. The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was one of the most spectacular events of recent times. With millions of dollars involved, the boxer returned from retirement on August 26, 2017 and faced the Irishman at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in a ring. With that background, it was the president of the largest mixed martial arts company in the world, Dana White, who confirmed that there were contacts with the American and that they even reached an agreement that could be closed in the coming days. Since that presentation, the undefeated fighter (50-0) did not return to the competition despite playing with the possibility of a rematch with Filipino Manny Pacquiao. ADVERTISING Mayweather faced a kickboxing fighter in late 2018 REUTERS / Issei Kato Mayweather faced a kickboxing fighter in late 2018 REUTERS / Issei Kato "It is true. We sat in the Clippers game. We started talking and we literally made a deal right there on the court, ”the UFC manager acknowledged in the Jim Rome Show program and added:“ If things develop the way Floyd and I think they will, I will probably sit with Al Haymond in March and get a paper agreement. ” Floyd Mayweather also referred to this meeting he held with White during the NBA game between the Boston Celtics and the LA Clippers on November 21. That day, the boxer posted an image with the businessman on his Instagram account: "Dana White and I return to work together to bring another spectacular event to the world in 2020," he said. "If everything goes our way, Floyd and I would be doing something in October or November," said the UFC president. Floyd Mayweather's post with Dana White (@floydmayweather) Floyd Mayweather's post with Dana White (@floydmayweather) After those statements, he began to speculate on who could be his next opponent and in which scenario it will take place. If the fight is effective, Floyd Mayweather would not move from his comfort zone and the candidate to face it in a new millionaire event would be Jorge Masvidal. Recently, after beating Nate Díaz by knockout in early November, the MMA fighter challenged Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez: "I would love to go into boxing and show the world all my talents that I have." However, he also had words to "Money": "Me versus Mayweather. I can break my ass. I'm not saying he's a better fighter than Mayweather, but, man, I'll be there with bad intentions and trying to hurt him. I am a well prepared athlete who will not get tired. I'm not going to get tired in the eighth or ninth round. I will be there all night. So I can get into the biggest and toughest fights I can, that give a great pay. ”
  9. Intelligence fascinates. Many parents want their children to have high IQs and there are companies that still select their candidates based on diagnoses of this type. We were wrong. The intellectual quotient does not guarantee success and, much less, in complex environments such as the current ones, as demonstrated by endless research. Let's see what are the most widespread po[CENSORED]r beliefs and how studies end them. First erroneous belief: the intellectual quotient (CI) is accompanied by success. The first study that dismantles this correlation of ideas was carried out by Lewis Terman, a professor at Stanford University, in 1921. Terman became obsessed with identifying and recording the evolution of the most intelligent children in the United States. He reviewed the records of 250,000 primary and secondary students and selected the 1,470 with the highest IQ. In some cases they exceeded 200 points. To get an idea of the intellectual potential we must remember that the estimate of Einstein's intelligence is marked around 160. Terman called the group of students as The Termites because, in theory, they were going to eat the world. However, the results were not as expected. ADVERTISING After decades of careful monitoring of his termites, which he collected in his books Genetic studies of genius, Terman found that children, already adults, had not obtained the expected public notoriety or made significant contributions to society. It is true that among them there were two judges of higher courts, some prominent official, businessmen of some success ... but most had normal careers and some, even, had failed. The standard of living of Termites was high, but not as much as expected. Moreover, it seems that if he had chosen 1,470 children at random, they would have achieved similar results. Therefore, a very high IQ does not guarantee success. This is where the window of opportunity opens for most of us, who do not even reach the 200 points of CI. more entries in this blog Three mistakes we make when relating intelligence and success Women's self-esteem: a matter of age Three mistakes we make when relating intelligence and success Tell me how your boss behaves and I'll tell you what mentality he has Three mistakes we make when relating intelligence and success Four ways to generate positive emotions at home The second misconception is to think that the intellectual quotient is fixed. We believe that we play roulette when we are born. The ball falls into a number and from there we do not move. Interestingly, it was the creator of the concept of CI, Alfred Binet, who in the early twentieth century received a commission from the French Government to assess the children's ability to learn. The authorities were alarmed by the huge school failure. Binet carried out this work in collaboration with other experts and his conclusion was clear: the intellectual quotient changes and varies over time. It depends on education and other attitudes. However, years later the pattern was standardized and we fell into the error of turning it into the game of genetic roulette. Decades later it has been proven that the growth mentality or the abilities of teachers and educators influence the scores. Obviously, it does not seem that it can be duplicated, but the intellectual quotient can vary over time. Third mistaken belief: the intellectual quotient is sufficient to achieve significant success. Happiness does not depend on intelligence, but it does seem that to achieve certain relevant objectives you must have a minimum IQ. The po[CENSORED]tion average is 100 points, but to highlight, different authors suggest exceeding the threshold of 120. Others place the bar below, as Malcol Gladwell beautifully describes in his book Out of series. As we see, the IC does not guarantee significant success, which depends more on other factors such as creativity, emotional intelligence or the ability to manage the emotions that American psychologist Daniel Goleman po[CENSORED]rized. Success also depends on our abilities to find practical solutions to everyday problems, as José Antonio Marina proposed with his executive intelligence; or the strength of determination, which causes a person not to give up on their efforts. In summary, over a certain threshold in the IC, to succeed in life, emotional management skills, our strengths or our determination are much more important than intelligence itself. Extraordinary achievements are less due to talent than opportunity.
  10. The celebrations of the voters of Alberto Fernández in the hours before the assumption of the new Argentine president allowed the appearance of the most frequent merchandising. Thus, since Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, one of the products that attracted the most attention in the immediate vicinity of the Congress was the so-called "Peronist Sweet Bread". The food is sold at a modest price of 200 pesos and has images of the faces of Juan Domingo Perón, Eva Perón, Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Kirchner in golden cardboard boxes. In addition, each package has the phrase "Christmas Eve is of the poor, of the humble, of the shirtless since Christ, despised by the rich who closed all the doors, was born in a stable", which was enunciated by Avoid on the eve of Christmas 1950. The production and sale of Peronist Sweet Bread was in charge of the Federation of Workers "De la Economía Social" Ltda (FeTraES). It is an organization made up of recovered companies, labor cooperatives and producers of family farming and whose objective is to provide assistance to the most needy sectors. The work of FeTraES in recent months was divided between the distribution of gas bottles, the production and distribution of food, medical care for eye controls or the production or sale of furniture with sustainable material.
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