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    do not give up the beginning is always the hardest
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  1. All Skins From chest/reroll/events (free) , me and my brother play in this account
  2. Well done , we can discuss about series and pick from here serie to watch I have watched a lot of series , action kind and supernatural kind and a true stories series i recommend u to watch The Punisher - Action kind in my opinion this series , A solder (marine) Man lost his familly and he meet a dead person want to reveal the truth , both of them have problem with same people then they revenge , A series from '25' episode 2 series , there's more coming.. i give 10/9 The Originals - A Supernatural Series , ( 5 Series ) total episode 67 , This series is a vampire se
  3. Long time I will see you here my love 😘

    1. S A C I

      S A C I

      Yeah , u know work and life.. 
      i don't have enough time that's all , am visiting the forum time to time

    2. ATHERO


      I also long time to not visiting forum just 3 days ago I back here and Start my old works here but my 12th Compileted and just I text with my mobile if anyone spaling was mistake so talk here  😂😂😂

  4. S A C I

    hevvo's Gallery

    Incredible ♥ Very good covers and nice blur , nice texture , a good imagination and inspiration , very well. I really like your work , keep working hard , show us more from your creations , and i will be happy if i recive a gift from u. I miss that kind of desinging
  5. S A C I

    S A C I Gift's

    @-Dark I do it quick sorry for mistakes
  6. V2 - Text , effect , border , texture
  7. look who's back damn 

    1. S A C I

      S A C I

      Hey dear , happy to see u too , am little bit busy but am visitng here and spending time on desiging u know.. 



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