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    By order of the Peaky Blinders
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  1. Dude when you are back contact me at ts3... 
    and also delete some messages here, 
    we missed you man! 

  2. When the day come to see this silly boy shining again when ???

    By order of Thomas Michael Shelby  🕵️‍♂️❣️ , i miss you brother ❣️


  3. 5 years on CSBD!

    Made a lot of good friends and memories... Wish i could bring some times back ohhh 🙂

    Onto the next one!

  4. FALLEN'

    Help with cl_flushentity

    The internet is perfectly fine, i switched to another provider and i can open everything in the same time on Google etc.. Also, i already tried with commands which you wrote and its still the same problem... This is the current graph, but somehow i can't take SS in the game.. It appears this home image when i paste the SS ...
  5. FALLEN'

    Help with cl_flushentity

    Your Nickname: FALLEN' Your Problem: When i open CS, and when i try to join to the Server, i have huuge lags and can barely move.. And in sometimes i get that message WARNING cl_flushenetitypacket which i believe some of you had that problem or heard about it, and when that appears my whole game stops, and comes back in 2-3 seconds. I searched for many solutions and i can't find good one. Please, don't post links of google solutions because i know to write in google as well, but none of those solutions actually helped me and i couldn't get rid of it so i am posting here... Also, i would like my CS to remain , i don't want any other... Any solutions guys? Screenshot: No need.
  6. FALLEN'

    Rock Quiz #1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 75 seconds  
  7. fallen hajde pak n pm n ts3

  8. Love peaky blinders!

  9. FALLEN'


    ★ Name: FALLEN' ★ Tag a Friend: @Wanted :x @Viceroy @Cunning ★ Country: Croatia ★ Favourite Game: CS 1. 6 , PUBG
  10. FALLEN'

    [Prezentare] andiX!

    Welcome to CSBD, enjoy your stay here!
  11. Welcome! Enjoy your stay here.
  12. Welcome to CSBD! Enjoy your stay here.
  13. As i can see in the proof, 1 person as well said you didn't attack. He slapped you 3 times as he should, then froze you - everything according to the rules. The fact that he gave you unfreeze means he gave you a chance to attack again. I don't really see the point of the report. You reported him because he unfroze you? Cmon man... PS. About that unfreezing the Player who is frozen, its common sense. Same if you give someone gag, then you ungag him. Report rejected! TC
  14. FALLEN'

    banlist Skull *.*

    5000 minutes for retry gag?????? Are you serious?? Suspeneded +3 more days. READ THE RULES !