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  1. Salut marius poti veni pe ts3 sa discutăm câteva minute

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    2. HETLER
    3. Ap0ka


      hhhh bro come ts3 !!!

    4. xX@*<MaRius>*@Xx

      [email protected]*<MaRius>*@Xx


      I'm sorry I have not entered

      Acum am vazut cipri asta,vrei sa mai vorbim sau ceva?

  2. Rejected! Rejected! Rejected! Rejected! Rejected! Rejected! Accepted!. Pm with nick and pass! Rejected! Accepted VIP, Pm with nick and pass! Accepted VIP, Pm with nick and pass! Rejected! Rejected! Rejected! Rejected! Rejected! Cine a fost respins,a fost deoarece a avut probleme in trecut.
  3. Marius can u delet some PM's ?

    I need contact u !

  4. please Delete Some Maseeges I need To Talt You 

  5. Salut ai skayp or fb sa discut CV cu tn

    1. Blackfire


      Brother whay you Not answer me in Fb 

  6. Name:mahaua

    Skype, Yahoo ID:mahaua123,[email protected]



    Between which hours you can be online?: (6am-9am),(11am-11pm)

    The reason why you would like to be part of the ZM crew: to help other admin and strictly mind not obeying rules

    Did you read the rules? http://csblackdevil.com/forums/index.php?/forum/4304-server-rules/ : "No,I don't need"

    Something else you would like to add: the time zone in my country is different to other admin so,at that time mostely admin are not online there.I beg you owner,please accept my request

  7. man am luat ban de la raff

    de ce nu stiu.

  8. Unde fac cerere de inactivitate?In private area?


  9. nu modificati si voi sv.ul?? ca vine pastele nu craciunu

  10. app cererile de admine sunt vechii si toate sunt facute de codari