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  1. I have good aim doesn't mean I use aimbot
  2. Your nick:fear he who fears nothing Your ip ( Your STEAMID:STEAM_1:1:9975031 The reason you have been banned:Pretty sure I did nothing wrong lol The admin who banned you:dunno The time:01:32 Your proofs (screenshot of your console):
  3. ¤ Your name: fear he who fears nothing ¤ Claimed Admin name: houssam soufi ¤ Date and time:27/05 | 21:12 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo): ¤ Reason of complaint:kick for no reason ? hello ? who the f*** uses aim in zombie servers ??
  4. Sup mennace xd

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    2. XxLux


      my cs keep crashing i donno it it will crash this time

    3. XxLux


      i already format it duhh


    4. Mennace

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