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    Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed. xd
  • Dată naștere 05/05/1998


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    play away from here. !!


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  1. An annoying silence

  2. congrat all new mod keep it up guys  

  3. olddddddd But gold my ugly xD 

  4. lel ugly xD 

  5. you will stay a Legand dude 

  6. Nice update ?

    1. Nizam420



      can you accept my request?


  7. Thanks dude , respect ?

    1. Showt Time

      Showt Time

      hhhhhh welcome back ugly 

  8. good work staff CSBD sure we will click on the advertisements if we didn't support the CSBD who will do it
  9. What is unfortunate

    Women in our society only for sex

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    2. Blackfire


      i hear that sara jay will visite  germeny next wekkend so this is your opportunity showt to learn  se**)))).

    3. Showt Time

      Showt Time

      @Blackfire I will do my best don't worry xD 

    4. Mr.SnaPeR


      ohh dont make me shy 

      @Blackfire how did you know that i follow her on tweeter but and sent to her message but she ignored me :v dafukkk

      Showt time you are lucky xd

  10. Congratulations  ugly xD

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