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  1. @2Pacc is Added as Test Admin for 1 week Request Accepted Pm me your nick, pass and TAG
  2. Moving @Q e L I From God to TAG Reason : Retired We will miss u, Good luck.
  3. hi there , ive got message like i have to contact one of owner  . for admin  

  4. @SlayerSecond Recieved his OLD grade back Semi-God Welcome back Here
  5. @abdo cd has been removed from Semi -god he is in blacklist and using multip accounts here are the proofs Server is kicking him by using his old account #steamid# [10.10 - 21:11]*** Admin abdo cd (STEAM_1:0:322766642 /// connected. *** L 10/08/2020 - 21:07:17: Nick: AbDo Dz, , Steam: STEAM_1:0:322766642, Ip: [15.10 - 22:42] Player LOL (STEAM_1:0:322766642 /// conencted. [17.10 - 02:20]*** Admin abdo cd (STEAM_1:0:322766642 /// connected. *** [18.10
  6. The idea is really good but we don't have any access of sma ZM6.2 @DarKVoicEand this cannot be added!! Suggestion Rejected thanks for your suggestion,If u have another one please feel free to ask
  7. WE cannot edit this dmg because we need to add jetpack plugin which is already there in ZM6.2 if we try to add it crashes server Suggestion Rejected thank you for your suggestion,If u have another one please feel free to ask
  8. #Contra# Your activity is very low request after 1 Week
  9. @AldofromTropoja Has been Removed from Elder Reason : 0 Activity
  10. 0PvP_ has been removed from Helper Reason : Low Activity
  11. Moving @DarKVoicE From Owner to Legends Reason : Personal Problems We will miss you,Good luck
  12. Moving @Ogisha From Moderator To TAG -- Low Activity
  13. Moving @ABDELLATIF from Helper to TAG -- Low Activity Moving @Mr.Soggy From Administrator to TAG -- Low Activity
  14. ZmOldSchool Blacklisted Members If you want to add blacklisted members Nick/steam Required #DESTROY AND BAN PERMANENTLY# adi [STEAM_1:0:288585660] lol~ [STEAM_1:0:1019982853] rayco [STEAM_1:0:124015032] Game3r1 [STEAM_1:0:9389432] (1st steam) abdo cd [STEAM_1:0:322766642] (2nd steam) abdo cd [STEAM_1:0:231183126] (3rd steam) abdo cd [STEAM_1:0:1055563842] (4th steam) abdo cd [STEAM_1:0:77998374] (1st steam) Mr.BOB [STEAM_1:0:1806375672] (2nd steam) Mr.BOB [STEAM_1:0



CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world.

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