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  1. hello hello ^^ , i finally got my new desktop , imma be back soon , miss you guys
  2. Great work, i like the blur, effects used on both images, i think you deserve a chance here Upvote
  3. you was an old designer, and you are a great person , you tought me alot , and i really like the way you make your designs, alot of creativity in it , so you have a big pro from me
  4. since your designs are awesome and creative , you have a big pro from me
  5. pepsi.

    Request Admin

    Copy + Paste another request, to be specefic "MMF" request, and this is your real gametracker link, you got 0 minutes played Make 30hours, and a minimum of 200minutes daily, then come back with a new request Rejected , t/c
  6. V1 - i like the text so much + darkness effects are good
  7. you still can be better and better, i see that you are active in our design section, and i believe that you will improve your design by time its a pro from me
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