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  1. The_Saw

    [Accepted]admin request

    ¤ Your Nickname (same as in forum): The_Saw ¤ Your Address Skype, facebook: WebsHC ¤ Age: 26 ¤ Languages That You Can Speak: Yes ¤ Your Location: Tunisia ¤ Experience As Admin (last server GT link): 2 => This Server ¤ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (24:00 To 12:00 PM): Yes ¤ Link Of Hours You Played On Server (Click Here You Must Write Your Nickname)¤ Reason That You Want To Be Admin: I want to help my friends admins to help players and make rules for them¤ Password/key for admission[ Read The Rules to find it] :Secured!
  2. The_Saw

    [Accepted] Req tag

    ¤ Name : The_Saw ¤ Age : 25 ¤ Desired Tag : RIP_SUB ¤ Cause : RIP my friend Sub Zero he get an bad accident ? ¤ Link for hours played (minimum 10 hours) ( Click ) :
  3. sniper was blocked there down in place that can get 2 player to block him so he use jet and jet to run for first time we was many and we use madness that hp become 200 but he sucess to run and he use jet i thnik map is not big to use jet when he attack afk even player afk are in the same place else why two or more player say why no hide to him if we khnow that all player are afk .... i suppose that are player was afk so i feel that he will give me ban ? so that i say hide looooooooool
  4. The sniper was blocked and zm attack him with madness when he run he still use jet to run because there is other player who attack him down , so sniper was blocking and never use LM else why no hide if player are afk !!!!
  5. PS : u say tht u arnt afk and u are watching player so how to explain that yesterday u play at the time ( banned time ) for 60 minute and u have low score so there is two thnig : first u don't attack or you are afk proof : Proof 2 : u banned other player that he insult you but as u see he say to yoou that he was talking with player who change name not you so as i thnik u come and focus player and get ur own judge to use command ? ¤ Date / Time :08/01/2019 - 21:32:28
  6. I think that u arent there to judge between us , so u should use proof to answer not making stress to admins to reply Thanks
  7. As u see u put the explain for word retard and u get the bad side ( or refer ) i say retard and not retarded Haha u judge Me with ur proof ?? here is my proof that i say and spamming u when i say hide why no slay befor ur start freeze or slap and PIG say too slay no hide and he say goo There is also a warning befor this to hide by player but we don't have proof not me for hide slay and not for you when u use command
  8. Show me proof that you slap or say zm attack , i have do 3 screen with different time shoot and never show this action ( slap , slay , say ), u say that u are not afk so why no slay sniper he have 200 hp and use jet ? there is a proof that sniper have 200 hp and player say slay no hide so what else u want to see , i don't care about u ban me or do mistakes but server becomse bad because of new admins that use command for nothing, I have 3 proof that u have do mistake and u have just proff that i say : this admin retard , befor i say retard admin ( sniper kill player and use jet and he have 200 hp if he was hide he will die he don't use lm nd player spent amo to take madness so u let him to kill all ) when i ask u to why u have retard to slay sniper that i mean u start to freeze directly player but the other was die because the sniper was attacking and use jet without hide u juste have proof that i say retard and for u its ur problem if u take it like a bad word ( i say this admin and other line retard and not retarded ) so u can also think when i say to you other word as insult so sorry u can judge me with a word that is not a bad in english.
  9. you arent the person who give me order to do what i want , u should wait until admin reply to this topic , u have do mistakes and u should just reply with poof else i think that you should respect player
  10. first thing : it is different between retard and retarded and i thnik that rules say insult player 's mother , god get a ban else if u thnik that is an insult u should give me gag like ( noob , bot ... ) why we say to sniper hide ? why i ask u why no slay sniper because he don't hide ? u ask me for proof ? u have prrof that u say to zm to attack or slay slap ? u was there and when we say to sniper to hide and u don't do anything u start to freeze player without saying attack and slap 3 times , if u was afk u should see all player befor do command the sniper was 200 hp and he run we use all madness to attack hm he was blocked but he use jet to run as i say if he attack afk why he use jet ?
  11. The sniper have hp 200 and he will die , if the player are afk why he don't hide so ? he try to fly to dont get dommage because there are player who try to attack him, u wasn't spec sniper we say all player to sniper hide and no slap or slay there is player who say also to sniper hide as PG and other player Other way , when i say this admin retard , it is an insult loool maybe u have to traducte english words before using command or do rules By google traduction => retard : delay or hold back in terms of progress or development, where is insulting mother or sister or or ? lool Insulting admin or player mother, sister, or insulting god or religions, or attempting to start racist topics (500 min).
  12. Your name: The_Saw Claimed Admin name: AldofromTropoja Date and time:in picture 08/01/2019 Reason of complaint: he ban me because i say why no slay sniper no hide ( this admin retard ) i dont insult loool are u ok AldofromTropoja ? another time admin should learn how to accept request admin because player can't do anything just use command Proof (screenshot or console or demo)

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