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    1. ::OK::King

      Idea to help ! CSBD

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    2. ::OK::King

      Freak's Gallery

      good polo que thnx xq no tengo moto y no soy moto mañana escuela porque escuela que thnx ... forever niños ratas xd'
    3. Kobe Bryant is at a crossroads. The follow or not playing basketball. After the injury to his right shoulder last Wednesday against the Pelicans, will need surgery and thereafter, have to make a decision. The Laker received on Monday the news of the inevitable surgery to repair the tear in the rotator cuff. He was examined by Dr. Neal ElAttrache who advised him to undergo surgery. The player gave his consent and the operation will be performed Wednesday.
    4. ::OK::King

      Life is Strange

      Name: Life is Strange Production: Square Enix Development: Dontnod Entertainment Distribution: PlayStation Network Players: 1 Format: Download On-line: no Platform: ps4, ( also in: ps3, xbox one, xbox360, PC) Strange Life if for PS4 is an episodic adventure style games Telltale Games, made by the creators of Remember Me. In it we control Max, a girl who returns to his hometown after several years studying abroad. Max has the power to rewind time, so you can use it to know what has changed in his absence and solve some mysteries. Requirements for pc
    5. Alone or accompanied, coffee has become a must in foods. Whether as a supplement for breakfast or as an excuse to take a break in the afternoon, the fact is that, with milk or without has adapted to the aroma and texture of who asks. In addition, winter days, who does not fancy a delicious cappuccino to warm? And is that not only taste is to blame for this subtle dependency. Consumed in moderation, coffee can provide interesting health benefits. It active us. Caffeine is perhaps the most common reason that one decides to crawl towards the coffee machine in the office. This substance act
    6. Name: HEROES OF MIGHT & MAGIC III – HD EDITION Production: Ubisoft Development: DotEmu Distribution: Steam Players: 1 Format: Download On-line: yes Platform: PC, Android, iOS Heroes of Might & Magic III - HD Remastered Edition is one of the most valued of this saga strategy titles version. It will have the same content as the original, but adapted to widescreen and high definition, with seven scenarios campaign, skirmish maps 48 and a local multiplayer with hundreds of graphic elements redesigned to look high Requirements MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows
    7. ::OK::King

      The new McLaren-Honda

      The MP4-30 is already a reality. The new McLaren car can finally be seen and Sunday also will hear roars Honda engine on the Jerez circuit. The British team filed Thursday on their website that will drive the car this season Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button. Breaker can be considered the new MP4-30, which evolves clearly above manufactured in Woking. The first difference is in the nose, very narrow and low, falling suddenly from the front axle. The nose is distinguished from Williams or Lotus, evidently protruding front spoiler. "The car has an elegant and highly refined design solution on th
    8. Are you afraid that the computer you use is being spied on? The Amnesty International to detect if an intruder on your computer. detekt is the software that can be installed for free on Windows computers. The program checks the device, as if it were a antivirus- to find traces of spyware. "Governments are increasingly turning to dangerous and sophisticated technology that allows them to read private e activists and journalists and enable remote camera or microphone from their computers to secretly record their activities. They use technology in a cowardly attempt to prevent abuses come to
    9. A 'SELFIE' FEATURING FOOTBALL'S GREATS. With the legendary image of Alfredo Di Stéfano celebrating in the background, this photo montage brings together the greatest players in football history. Top: from left to right, Zidane, Platini, Pelé, Van Basten and Beckenbauer. Bottom: from left to right, Cruyff, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Maradona. Cristiano Ronaldo is now in the picture among the greatest ever. The Portuguese goal machine had already etched his name in the history books on several occasions, but his third Ballon d'Or elevates him up a rung into the pantheon of legends whose nam
    10. After five months of stalemate renewal, it seems that Mercedes and Lewis Hamiton are closer to reaching an agreement, as published in several British media. The star brand have offered the reigning world champion EUR 20 million for three years to extend its current bond, ie until the end of 2018. It is not about the 32 million annually intended by the pilot which is what Fernando Alonso at McLaren win, but instead, Hamilton may increase the basic salary through incentives for its Grand Prix victories and winning the title world. There is talk of a million each race won three more if he gets th
    11. Pur și simplu pune în video vedem ca două costume norvegiană vă întreb oameni care trec prin strada în cazul în care doresc să uitare legat la ochi. Oamenii acceptă și atunci când încep o situație incertă două jokeri îndepărtat tubul și aleargă, lasandu-le acolo excelentă complet ridicol cu toți oamenii din jurul le uitam. Cu siguranță este o glumă foarte simplu, cu un rezultat mare. Nu trebuie ratat.
    12. ::OK::King


      Cristiano Ronaldo met forecasts and raised his third Ballon d'Or gala in Zurich. The Real Madrid player won the vote to Leo Messi and Manuel Neuer and retained the trophy won a year ago.The Portuguese star raised his third Ballon. The second row. And he did it with 37.66% of votes. Messi was second with 15.76% of the vote and German Manuel Neuer, third, grabbed one 15.72%. The magic of a 2014 Cristiano, where the Portuguese striker and Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey, Champions League, European Super Cup and Club World Cup.With his third trophy, Cristiano is located at one of Leo Messi (winne
    13. ::OK::King

      Dead Effect

      Name: Dead Effect Production: Dykast Lubomir Development: Dykast Lubomir Distribution: Steam Players: 1 Format: Download On-line: yes Platform: PC Set in 2045, the game begins with Grey awakening from cryostasis one-hundred-and-seventy-eight days into the flight of the colonization spaceship ESS Meridian. A member of the elite security team, "Unit 13", Grey is unsure why the computer has awoken her early, and so sets out to learn what is happening. She soon discovers that the crew of the ship have turned into zombies; detecting unusual activity on board, the computer automatically awakened



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