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  1. Messenger dissabled for 1 week because i am taking a break.


    Posting statuses on my profile will not receive an answer from me.

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    2. .Straju 🐦

      .Straju 🐦

      Take care bro, enjoy your vacation ^^

    3. myCro 🐺

      myCro 🐺

      No vacation as in this break i have to learn by myself all the driving laws and signs for my driving license and my first day(today) i simply stood home sick af.. :s


      Bad beggining for that.

    4. Alex009.


      I wish you much success and I hope you get it! And I'll give it this month too, I might take a break too, we'll see. Good luck! ❤️

  2. you must know that you are a legendary guy, i'm telling you this words because you always support newbies, as i consider myself one of them.



    - Time to make CSBD more developed! -



    1. ♣ robila ♣

      ♣ robila ♣

      robila>>>>>>>>>mycro, tell it

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    And guess which is which

  5. Hello @!#Apex , your request has been marked in [Pending], please take in consideration that i like your application and now forward may take from a few days to a longer time to receive a final answer because of the hollydays season and us(the administration) will have to analyze your forum activity, your request, your history. Please consider we may accept or reject you in the end, you still have to prove us more. Maintain Your Creativity Reckoning Originality
  6. Other are in line to obtain something to do. Return with a request(at least 30 days) when you are ready to try something new.
  7. salut

    1. myCro 🐺
    2. nebun


      cate boosturi se  baga ptr owner sau  co ca am abonament  pe  tel

    3. myCro 🐺
  8. If you are coming after an absence you have to realise that is required some time to recover the lost activity, otherwise due to it, you will get many against oppinions. Please return after 30 days with a new request.
  9. Wonderfully done. I really wait to see whats forward and where will this idea drive the project. Really well done. One thing i have to add, please consider a flexible model of questions, like a real interview, each streamer receiveing some unique asking ^^
  10. He said: Hemllo





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    2. myCro 🐺

      myCro 🐺

      This would have been an interesting combination, especially the hunter characteristics inside an already shepper dog (he is a romanian shepperd raven, specie which as ancestors is formed from terra nova, but has no longer terra nova aquatic characteristics and solitude comportament)

    3. #PREDATOR


      So interesting ! 

      I'm still looking for the best combination for it , it's getting older and automatically looking like she want to have some puppies because lately her acts has been changed and she's savage most of the time but stops directly when she saw another puppies and she want to play with them ...

      But sadly i didn't find the best combination for it yet , i'm planning to make a combination with a Berger allemand but imn't sure what result i will get , i hope i won't regret cuz i already took a verterinary advise 

      PS : It's An Epagneul Breton .

    4. myCro 🐺

      myCro 🐺

      For mine is a problem that he had another dog partner in the garden untill a week ago and that dog let him to bite(playing ruff and learned all from) him, and now mine is too aggresive with all the dogs, he needs to become more mature to respect at least the ladies bcs atm when i go with him in the park he basically jumps in 2 feet after dogs from park, to attack them ._. , i know when he grows mature the ladies will put him on place well and good.

  11. I do not have the time predator has, to explain a basic idea for a lot of time. It is about story telling. Thats all. Are you interested to do it?