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TRUE or FALSE QUIZZ - "izi" points!


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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 121 seconds  
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 98 seconds  
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 57 seconds  
  4. Je kthy prap ? lol 😆 

    1. Olee


      po sma mbante rusting grafika dhe erdha ktej t'humb kohen

  5. wow look this ugly banned 😄

  6. Dont watch my profile , you are not allowed  ! 


  7. hahahahhhahahah look who the ugly man is alive hahahahaaha you still alive i thaught you are also dead like our friend iman ( i hope you remember him he was also our member of streetzm)

  8. *Ha(C)kEr'S*

    Important .

    Iam the new founder. Server is reopen with other founders. tonight I will see the admins who is activ can stay the others will be removed . Regard hackers.
  9. Cong. “ i dont need admin “ ?

    1. pulse.exe


      it was available just for that day ❤️ thanks

    2. *Ha(C)kEr'S*


      Ahahahhahaahha ?

  10. na 


    Zg1sMhT.png jwmht3n.png RYgflfF.png

    1. *Ha(C)kEr'S*


      Flm e vej kur te iki ne shpi ?

  11. se mos na bosh noi gift re ?

    1. Suarez


      Prz i boj nga pc i punes ??? nsr kur tshkoj i promise

    2. W A L K E R ™
  12. *Ha(C)kEr'S*

    Steam sync problem

    hello , you have to go here login via steam after copy your id64 and put it on forum . the wrong think is you are putting your name and not the id .

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