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  1. how stupid ? Just type this in google You will get the download directly I told you this I want you to learn and rely on yourself is not on people for life In waiting for you if you did not get them, I sent you a message in your give you the link tried - try -
  2. Legend of Ali Who liberated Algeria from the enemies of France 

    When he died, the last breath in every Algerian remained
    If you miss my friend, if you are absent from the forum, the same person will remain the Algerian legend here
    The most important thing here does not like the loyal person I am the only one who know the reason for your presence here and sure that you are accused because you are old in the forum and do not do something boring I think one of the beggars just wanted to know how to ban is trying you only wish you success.

  3. STAFF (Profile Emblem) Administrator of the Year ➤ @pulse.exe + @Ares @growndex. Global Moderator of the Year ➤ @andiX! Moderator of the Year ➤ @#ΣVIL BABY PROJECT NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem + 1500 CSBD Points) GFX Designer of the Year ➤ @russ GFX Helper of the Year ➤ - - Gambler of the Year ➤ @a r t h u r Uploader of the Year ➤ @Ares Overwatcher of the Year ➤ @Luanhyx. Journalist of the Year ➤ @YaKoMoS MANAGERS NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem + 2000 CSBD Points) Manager CS 1.6 of the Year ➤ @Wanted :x Manager CS:GO of the Year ➤ - SPECIAL GROUPS NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem+ 2500 CSBD Points) The oldest Ex-Staff ➤ @El L0rd Best V.I.P. ➤ @DiavoL. TEAMSPEAK 3 NOMINATIONS (Special TS3 Icon + 50.000 TS3 Coins) TS3 Helper of the Year ➤ The most active TS3 user ➤ @The Ga[M]er. The user who asked the most for rank ➤ - The best TS3 DJ ➤ - @Lock 流氓 The most AFK user ➤ - @HD. SERVERS NOMINATIONS (Special Signature with the server's name) Server of the Year ➤ ShadowsZM! The most active (32/32) server ➤ Thunderzm The best Zombie server ➤ ZmOldSchool The best Classic server ➤ Fun The best Respawn server ➤Respawn MEMBERS NOMINATIONS (2000 CSBD Points) The most active membru CsBlackDevil (+1000 CSBD Points) ➤ @Mr.Love Banned of the year ➤ @Angrry.exe™. Loser of the year ➤ @Angrry.exe™. The member who dreams about ranks ➤ - Spammer of the Year ➤ - Of my respect I do not give you to anyone more than its value Hat even if his rank is greater than me I do not bow The most social member ➤ @Mr.Sebby The most beautiful member ➤ @EMMA The most appreciated member : @BoRINg The most annoying member ➤ - The most beloved member ➤ - The richest member ➤ - The member who helped the most ➤ @Mr.Love The member with the best topics/posts ➤ @REVAN The friendliest member ➤ @growndex
  4. Before start a game - write in console "mp_consistency 0", and play with bots. And, this player pack doesn't work in online. On some servers with turned off consistency - sure. But not all servers turn off this. Better if you should install default player pack, or other (without consistency error)
  5. HD.

    Problem Badges TS3.

    Hello he can have several possibilities, 1 If you use a plugin to display your badges it does not work anymore (Since the last client version 3.3.0 badges are checked on your MyTeamSpeak account). 2 You must have at least server version 3.9.0
  6. Come stai Amico mio

  7. I am alive my friend -   adi   -  I think it is time to work in forum

    i'm back again

    1. Nıco


      Very cool. Pleased with your return.

    2. Mr.Espinoza ♔♔♔
    3. # Ret-H@CKer

      # [email protected]


      I am alive my friend -

      wow , did you join the world war 2   😮  because it's too wierd to start a conversation like that dude  🙂 

      good luck & hope you will be active and help us a lot 

  8. HD.


  9. HD.

    Proposal change theme

    I do not give either a pro or a counter. why? this theme is unique and I do not see what changes should be made. may some changes be necessary but change the whole topic? a flourish like that? do you know how difficult a theme is, from 0? you have no idea. it's easy to come up with a proposal like this that you do not have a job. on the "I propose, let others do" principle. I do not think it works and my respect for who did this topic. Everybody say that, I propose you do it. NOT. Please, think before you propose something. Can it be done? How hard it is. Is it really necessary? (Comparing the two questions above). I hope I have cleared you as much as you can.
  10. Expected over the coming weeks, the new version of Google News is primarily targeted to devices included in the Android Go ecosystem, but all Android users will benefit from this update. Available in over a hundred countries and translated into more than one international language, Google News is an important source of information for Android users, the application displaying the most important news from verified local publications in a friendly interface. Unlike the news sites' web interface, the content presented in Google News coats is accessed with minimal data traffic consumption and remains available offline as well. The main improvements to Google News: Videos accessed from Google News will be automatically opened with the YouTube Go app, if installed on devices Newsheads can be switched from picture mode to picture-only summary if saving data connections GIF videos and animations will have autoplay mode disabled, and images will be downloaded in compressed version when a slow internet connection is detected. However, they can be viewed at original quality using a touch on the touch interface. We will be able to keep the news that interests us for viewing offline. All these optimizations for Google News will be applied automatically when the situation so requires. Keeping clean looks, Google will not include additional settings in the app interface, with new features becoming part of the Google News experience. Perhaps those who use strong phones and move exclusively in areas with good mobile internet coverage will not even notice the changes made to the application's operation.
  11. Director Cristian Mungiu will produce the Romanian "Hackerville" Director Cristian Mungiu will produce for HBO and TNT Serie miniseries "Hackerville" about a group of Romanian hackers attacking a bank in Germany, which will be directed by Igor Cobileanski and Anca Miruna Lazarescu, according to hollywoodreporter.com "Hackerville" miniseries were created by Ralph Martin and Joerg Winger at the German production house UFA Fiction, both of which are the screenwriters of the Emmy "Deutschland 83" award-winning screenplay, informs Mediafax. The action of the miniseries - which will have six episodes - has been the subject of a cyber attack on a German bank, with local authorities suspecting a network of hackers in Romania. A German policeman of Romanian origin is sent to investigate the case, but he has to team up with a Romanian officer and a hacker whose code name is Dark Mole. While in Romania, she has to confront some dark secrets from her family's past. HBO Europe will co-produce "Hackerville" with the German network TNT Serie. Cristian Mungiu (the Palme d'Or trophy in Cannes in 2007 with "4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days") will produce the miniseries with Tudor Reu through Mobra Films. Alina David and Silvia Popescu are producers from HBO Europe. Igor Cobileanski, director of HBO's "Umbre" success story, will direct the miniseries with Anca Miruna Lazarescu ("On the Road with Dad"). The team of screenwriters consists of Laurentiu Rusescu, Daniel Sandu, Ralph Martin and Steve Bailie. Filming will take place in Romania and Germany this spring, and the premiere will take place at HBO Europe and TNT Series in the fall.
  12. Even if they have the size of a stamp, the SD memory cards may someday cover all of a user's movie and picture collection without having to transfer the files to a separate storage device. SDC's new SDC SDK format allows transfer speeds of up to 985 MB / s and storage (theoretical) up to 128TB. What, at present, this capacity is not offered by any commercial storage device, crowding such a large amount of data into the space of a postage stamp, probably requiring technologies that do not even exist today. To better understand the amount of storage space, a 128 TB SD card could accommodate more than 25,000 HD movies, 25.6 million MP3 tracks, or 256 million pictures with a medium file size 500KB. For comparison, Spotify's entire bookstore totals about 35 million songs. Rather, until the technology reaches the theoretically permissible storage capacity, the SD memory cards will be replaced by a better format. At least in the short term, a replacement with great chances of success seems to be the microSD format. Much more compact, microSD memory cards are already widely accepted as a solution to supplement the internal memory of smart phones, most tablets and laptop systems. The same can not be said about the SD Card format, whose utility is limited to certain models of dedicated cameras and camcorders.
  13. #Number: AK-47 Furious Peacock #Images : #Download :Click