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  1. Roselina ✾


    Hello guys, thank you for the observations, @NANO please check what you've done and repair or remove and make it like it was
  2. Accepted as God, send me your full info via pm (nick, pw and tag).
  3. Accepted Moderator, i am waiting PM with your dates in private(name, password and tag). In time you will advance in rank if you stick to your job.
  4. You can also participate in these Weekly quests for winning 6GP


  5. AOTW INFORMATII Tema: Masini Text: free Timp de inscriere: Luni-Miercuri Timp de votare: Miercuri-Duminica Afisare rezultate: Duminica Organizatori: Roselina ✾ REGULAMENT Dimensiunile sunt : 150x250 Creatia trebuie sa contina textul: "AOTW CSBLACKDEVIL" Creatile animate nu sunt permise. Sunt interzise avatarele cu continut pornografic. Pastrati fisierul .psd Lucrarile le veti trimite organizatorului prin PM [ Roselina ✾ ] Citeste tot regulamentul inainte de a te inscrie la concurs ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AOTW INFORMATION Theme: Cars Text: free Registration time: Monday - Wednesday Voting time: Wednesday-Sunday Showing results: Sunday Organizer: Roselina ✾ RULES Dimensions are: 150x250 pixels Creation must necessarily contain the text: "AOTW CSBLACKDEVIL" Animated creation are not allowed. Avatars with pornographic content are not allowed. Keep the PSD. The works must be sent to the organizer by a PM (Private Message) [ Roselina ✾ ] Read all the rules before you join the contest! Good luck !
  6. Roselina ✾

    im back

    Welcome and have a good time!
  7. Hello, Great news! The server has been unbanned 2 days ago on gametracker. At the moment already is on 620th rank! Congrats to everybody who took care of the server.
  8. Buna ziua, Cam slabe sanse sa strangi oameni care sa se joace mix, dupa cum a spus si @Stendhal, majoritatea oamenilor din comunitate sunt straini si ei joaca modul zombie. Poate o sa ajute daca se face un mic anunt..Spor la mix-uri in continuare.
  9. - Name of the one receveing the money: @Roselina ✾- Name of the one who donated: @growndex.- Amount: 26 euros - What for are going to be used these money: boost- Payment method (Paypal, Bank account, Paysafecard, etc.): Paypal- Rank received on the server: - - Period: -
  10. Congrats !

    Again. :))

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  încă %s
    2. Roselina ✾

      Roselina ✾

      E nasol prima zi dupa concediu. :))

    3. xeleron


      Mi-am schimbat recent si locul de munca, o sa fie lejer (zic eu) avand in vedere ca acum stau la birou cu camasuta si cravatica, pe langa asta am si un program (zic eu) bun. (08-16) :)))

    4. Roselina ✾

      Roselina ✾

      Înțeleg. :))) 

  11. Nick: RoselinaTime: one weekSite: GTRS Proof: Contact method: PayPalDaily/Weekly/Monthly boost? : weekly

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