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  1. Nickname: Roselina ♣ flowers Your favorite section from Devil's Club Category?: Media Tag your Friends: @Mr.Love, @pulse.exe, @REVAN, @Qween , @𝙼𝚛𝚜.𝙿𝚘𝚛𝚝𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚘, @robila, @myCro , @Adrianita etc.
  2. Hey Roselina, cum a fost la bac? L-ai luat cu brio? 🙂

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  4. @FaLz - received VIP following his 10 euros. [Big package], for 2 months, 30.06.20230 - 01.08.2020
  5. Hello and thank you for applying for Moderator! I like your work so far, you have been involved from what I noticed, but because it is about the VGM project, those who are able to give you opinions about you are: @Nıco, @Ntgthegamer, @Meh Rez vM ! ♫, @pulse.exe, @XZoro™ and @Naser DZ
  6. Hi Madalina ,

    Don't forget to tell us the results  :V


  7. Congratulations on your work, you deserve it because you worked hard to get here!
  8. Hi Anna 👋

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    2. Roselina ♣ flowers

      Roselina ♣ flowers

      Aaa, I just had that name on the forum, but my name is Madalina Irina ☺️

    3. -LosT


      Nice name 😉

    4. Roselina ♣ flowers
  9. Hello, according to this proposal accepted by @robila ( 1. Battles - Challenges between CSBD members on games played on phone! 2. Important news - The most important news in the world of phone games, you can search for news on the internet provided you specify the source from where you got the news . 3. Discussion & Social - Discussions about anything related to phone games, you can post the level obtained, points obtained in games and so on. In conclusion, you can boast of the progress made so far in the game, with a picture of the game.
  10. In this category, announcements or presentations related to various games will be posted, but in order to maintain order in the category, a certain rules must be observed. Posting rules: Before posting a new topic, please use the search function to avoid double posting the same information. Pornographic, vulgar, racist or offensive material is strictly prohibited. Posting these types of topics will be sanctioned according to the general rules. For any post taken from another site, please post the source of the post at the end of the information. The answers on the topics must be developed. We do not accept comments such as 'GG, beautiful, thank you, nice' or any similar response. Everything must be detailed, in order to express your opinion about that information, not post-hunt. The answers offered on the topics must not be offensive, vulgar, racist, pornographic or in any other form of insult to members who post news.
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  12. Bună! Cu întârziere vreau să îți urez multă baftă la bac, să îl iei cu brio și toate dorințele pe care ți le-ai pus să ți se îndeplinească! 😘 Apropo, să îmi zici ce notă ai luat. 😂😂

    1. Roselina ♣ flowers
    2. Alex009


      Nu ai pentru ce. 😘