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    CS 1.6 / CSGO

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  1. You stil alive? Welcome 

  2. me need MODERATOR

  3. hi wirwir


  4. hi yaser me AyOuB


  5. who added you manager in perfectzm? 

    1. #king 0F DARK

      #king 0F DARK

      problem will sloved soooon :) 

      @d3v0uTT™ make little mistake and added me in prefectzm but he should added me in highlifezm 

      dont worry :)


  6. Accpeted if you can paid for NeO- for host! Rejected sorry, we need whos can boost help server..
  7. Open your messages or send me a message

  8. Hello Members Of CsBlackDevil PerfectZM searching for co-owner who has time to manage the server & forum. ¤ Manage server. ¤ Boost Server Weekly Or Sms Boost Daily ¤ Manage forum ¤ Active & good behavior ¤ Age 17+ ¤ Spect all night ¤ Experience ¤ Great English Warning: Dont request if you can't statisfy any of these conditions! Follow the right model! ¤ Your Nickname: ¤ Your address Skype, Steam: ¤ Age: ¤ Languages that you can speak: ¤ Your location: ¤ Pay host OR Boost Weekly? : ¤ Reason that you want to be co-owner: ¤ other information for your request:
  9. add me fb ok tito mansouria OR ilyes mansouria

  10. Hello

    How Are You :)

  11. WirwiR

    Gift wirwir

    Thanks dude its very nice
  12. WirwiR

    [Solved] Reqesut Avatar

    Type: Avatar *Dimensions: appropriate Text: WirwiR or wirwir Theme (Obligatory stock): CLICK Last request: at 2015 *Other information: