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80 Iron III

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  • Dată naștere 02/01/1994


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  1. rhyno

    inca nu am fost debanat?


    1. rhyno


      si daca am destule ore jucate po primi si vip?


  2. ACCEPTAT!!! Lasa-mi nick si parola in privat. Daca o sa te comporti cu seriozitate pe server o sa pastrezi gradul. T.C
  3. EMMA

    cerere unban rhyno

    L 06/17/2019 - 15:35:53: [admincmd.amxx] Ban: "-=Vo$TrO=-<27638><STEAM_0:1:427183407><>" ban and kick "rhyno<27813><STEAM_0:0:98254817><>" (minutes "wall") (reason "") Il asteptam pe -=Vo$TrO=- cu o dovada.
  4. Doar atatia admini frecventeaza forumul?...hmmm ,in aceste conditii o sa fac o curatenie serioasa in lista de admine!
  5. I thought you were a serious player WYD:*KeGla.... as you can see the latest scan and ip where you were scanned, you played with the wall on the server ... You are FORBIDDEN on the server !!! Unban request rejected. T.C
  6. To understand what is going to happen must be in line with a unban demand mode. Otherwise we can not figure out who gave the ban, at what time and why. Returns to the "unban request" section with a unban request. T.C
  7. You have not communicated with the admin, you have not announced that you have problems downloading.You have been repeatedly shouted and you have not responded. The ban remains. T.C
  8. EMMA

    request unban

    Unban!!! T.C
  9. EMMA

    Request unban

    The ban remains!!!You have left the game, it is forbidden!!! T.C
  10. EMMA


    The ban remains!!! T.C
  11. EMMA

    request unban

    nu pot descarca demo..incarca pe alt link de upload.
  12. EMMA

    Cerere Admin


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