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  1. Receive messages!  Ts3 come pm 




  2. cobra$

    Request admin

    ACCEPTED Send me nick and password T/C
  3. Model: ♦Nickname : ♦Age : ♦Your current grade: ♦The grade you want : ♦Gametracker link : ♦Experience As Admin : ♦Other information: ATTENTION!!! - If you don't respect the model & conditions, the request will be automatly rejected; - You have to have at least 14 days by your last admin request; - If the upgrade request it's accepted, a new one will be made after 14 zile; - Title of the request will be "Request up" and your name from the server; - Upgrade request will
  4. cobra$

    ♠ Request Tag Model ♠

    Model: ♠ Name : ♠ Age : ♠ Desired Tag : ♠ Link for hours played (minimum Ten hours) ( Click ) : NOTE: For changing new Tag is needed one week to be passed from last Week.
  5. ♠ Your Nickname (same as in forum): ♠ Your Address Skype, facebook: ♠ Age: ♠ Languages That You Can Speak: ♠ Your Location: ♠ Experience As Admin: ♠ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (24:00 To 12:00 PM): ♠ Link Of Hours You Played On Server (Click Here You Must Write Your Nickname) ♠ Reason That You Want To Be Admin:
  6. cobra$

    Request Admin

    ACCEPTED Send PM me nick and password T/C
  7. cobra$


  8. Hello cobra, can you make me admin in server zombie plague cs 1.6?

  9. cobra$

    : Tag Request Model

  10. cobra$

    -{YT}- Admin Request

    ACCEPTED Helper Send Pm nick and password T/C
  11. cobra$


    You no have hours REJECTED T/C
  12. cobra$

    for admin

    You no have hours,,, Rejected
  13. cobra$

    Admin request

    Accepted Send PM nick amd password T/C
  14. Bun venit pe categoria noastra , esti un baiat super de treaba tine-o tot asa!
  15. cobra$

    tag request

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