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  1. Reason : 1. You have Manager Cs 1.6 2. You didn't read the rules . 3. You can't say i'm active in server because this server have 1 week after changed new ip, so here you are lying . Comeback after 7 days ! NEXT?
  2. Guys i think i mentioned what do i want . What's this ? I asked for .gif avatars guys not for simple avatars come on .. (P.S: The avatars are good but i want with effects ) . Why only Mr.Daniel made it ? I'm waiting for more ! Go go go !
  3. About your request, in our design section; or we have rules, I cannot answer again only if the coordinator or the leader authorizes it, you should talk to them ( @King_of_lion  @Y A S H™ ) or wait for the answers of other designers who are also good.



  4. *Tip(avatar/semnatura/cover) : Avatar *Dimensiuni : Forum Text : KingLV *Tematica[Fete/Masini/Natura/Abstract/Catei/etc]: Or if you cannot make the car with that effect which i asked try to make this with my name and CSBD watermark . *Ultima cerere : Alte informatii : I want my avatar with this effect . If you cannot do , just try your best ! I hope @Mr.Daniel ♔♔♔ will make it ! ( Please )
  5. Request You didn't read the rules ! Comeback after 7 days with a new request ! NEXT?
  7. Your name on ts?: KingLV Current rank?: On old Ts3 i had Global-Moderator ( Level 50 , ShadowZM and Founder Channel ) . Have you brought the users so far on TS3?: [ ] --- What projects are you helping with your activity?: Well, i didn't participe in any projects i got the rank because im founder on SHADOWSZM . Thank you for your attention !
  8. OUR SHADOWSZM SERVER IS BACK ! FOLLOW THE RULES TO GET ADMIN ! We are offering admins access Helper to Pre-Managers , for who are interested and want to join SHADOWSZM Please apply the below model filled with your information. Please read the notes before applying. ► Nickname(must be the same on forum and server): ► Skype/Steam: ► Age: ► Your Country: ► Admin experience: ► You can donate? ► Can you sit afk in night [Yes/No]: ► Did you read the rules ? ( LINK HERE + KEYWORD ) : ► Why you want to be admi
  9. Well guys, seems we have a problem with this host . On my server is the same problems, a few players cannot connect on server, same visuals . Not responding . Thats maybe the host not the addons .
  10. @Mr.Love capul sus si privirea inainte ! Baga-l in ma-sa daca tot zice ca te-ai luat de "family-u" lui ceea ce eu nu vad in discutie, urcam inapoi cu GPHOSTING chiar si de va fi nevoie sa treaca 1/2/3 ani ! CSBD NU VA MURI NICIODATA ASA CA KROND [CENSORED] OFF AND GO TO HELL
  11. thats not ban , thats your IQ low . Solve ur problem , its from your CS not from our server .
  12. KingLV CSBD


    Next request after 30 days . NO EXCEPTIONS .
  13. ┏ Nickname : IsmaIL^
    ┠Age : 19
    ┠Your Country ( 
    Location ) : Algeria

    ┠Languages that you speak : Arabic and English
    ┠ How much time you can be active? : Around 5 to 8 hours
    ┠ Can you be active in ts3? : yes

    ┠Did you read the rules ? ( KEY WORD ) : yes 

    ┠ Link of your activity in  ( gametracker ) : and yes 

    ┠ Can you donate? : I can not

    ┠ Do you accept rules below ? : I can accept the rules 
    ┗ Other information : no thanks ?

  14. We are not accepting new accounts . Sorry.



CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world.

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