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CsBlackDevil - Sell Zombie Plague 6.0/6.2



Recommended due to the high level of professional development and configuration, designed to create a luxurious atmosphere of the most played game in the world, we help lovers zombie mode and offer for sale Addons Zombie Plague 6.0 / 6.2

Servers witch are using these addons:


- ZmOldSchool.CsBlackDevil.Com - ZP 6.0

- ThunderZM.CsBlackDevil.Com - ZP 6.2

- NewLifeZm.CsBlackDevil.Com - ZP 6.2

- WalkingDead.CsBlackDevil.Com - ZP 6.2

A short presentation:

Another video:



ZP 6.0 - 200 EUR

ZP 6.2 - 250 EUR

Payment can also be paid by installments.

For purchases and more information about this addons contact us:

skype.pnglove_cs16 / amon_cs16

orGiPfX.jpg ady_csbd / csy_sethhh

steam.pnglove_csblackdevil / amon_cs16

Or contact another administrator from CSBD via PM!

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➤CSBD COMMUNITY, a virtual world which continues to grow in the gaming world with a very high potential, where those who join us will become legends.

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